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Mom Who Had Two Miscarriages, Has Rare Triplets

A mom who had two miscarriages before getting pregnant with rare triplets has said, “We got all our babies back.”


Natasha O’Grady, 34, and her husband Ryan, 36, from London, UK, held their breath as they awaited the results of their first baby scan.

But they couldn’t believe it when they were told they were having triplets.

All three babies had their own placenta – known as a trichorionic pregnancy – which is very rare, according to a report by SWNS.


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Natasha told SWNS: “When we went in there I couldn’t even watch the monitor as I was preparing for bad news.


“The lady said ‘I don’t know how to tell you this but someone up there wants you to be a mum as there’s three heartbeats’.

“We were shocked and bewildered – it felt like for an eternity we were saying the same thing over again, questioning it.

“We went for a walk to clear our heads and they refer to babies born after miscarries as rainbow babies and there was a rainbow at the end of the walk which was bizarre.

“The pregnancy was completely natural and two are identical – but they’ve all got bright blue eyes so none of them look like me!


“Until we physically had them here no one thought it was going to happen.


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“I’m navigating being a first-time mum and a last-time mum and that’s been difficult.

“I’m learning and that’s it – there’s no second go.

“So for me, it’s so hard and I’m constantly toying with trying to survive with three toddlers and time has just disappeared.


“But they are three very strong girls.”

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