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Sisters Surprise Reunion With Baby Brother After NICU Stay

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This is the emotional moment a pair of big sisters discovered their baby brother, who had spent the first few weeks of his life in the NICU, had finally come home.


Sister Kaebrie and Braela Gilbert, from Pearl River, Louisiana, had been so excited to meet their brother during their mother Tiffany’s pregnancy.

But after Tiffany, 38, went into pre-term labor seven weeks early, she remained in hospital for a further two weeks before her son, Taesom, was born on April 5.

Due to his premature birth, Taesom was required to remain in the NICU for the first three weeks of his life – a period extremely tough on the girls, who couldn’t visit because of hospital policies.

On the weekend of April 26-28, the girls were set to compete in a cheer competition, which their dad, Jamie, 40, took them to while Tiffany stayed with Taesom at the hospital.

Over the weekend, though, Tiffany received news her newborn was ready to come home, and so she and Jamie decided to set up a surprise for their girls.


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As Kaebrie returned home, she laid eyes on her baby brother and immediately started sobbing joyous tears – before then trying to fight them back so as not to ruin the surprise for her sister.

Braela then had a similar reaction, which Jamie also captured on video.

He said: “My wife and I were so excited to see their reactions – it filled us with so much joy because they wanted a baby brother or sister so badly.


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“They didn’t get to experience it because they were two years apart when born.

“We hope others just see the love between siblings and how special it is at that age.

“In sharing the video, I wanted to make everyone smile for 30 seconds while watching.”

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