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Woman Has to Leave Car and Left Struggling to Breathe When Best Friend Surprises Her With Shock Pregnancy Announcement

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This is the hilarious moment a woman was left struggling to breathe and had to leave her best friend’s car when she was surprised with the shocking news that her friend was pregnant.


Meryl McCort, 26, from Atlanta, Georgia, considers her best Rafi Costa, 27, to be like family, having been best friends for nearly seven years.

Over the years, Rafi had always told Meryl that she would lose it if she ever found out her friend was pregnant, so when Meryl received a positive test, she knew she had to plan a big surprise.

To avoid raising suspicion, Meryl suggested to Rafi that they make a TikTok video, given that Meryl is active on the platform and that a visit to a new coffee shop provided the perfect excuse.

Sitting in a parking lot in Woodstock, Georgia, Meryl set her camera rolling and asked Rafi to hold up the takeout drinks they had just bought.

Then, after showing her drink to the camera, Meryl said, “Oh, wait, I actually know why this is so good,” to which Rafi asked, “Why?”


Meryl then dropped the bombshell: “I think it’s because I’m pregnant.”

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As soon as Rafi realized the scale of the moment, she said, “Shut up!” before questioning whether her friend was lying.

Then, as Meryl declared that she was telling the truth, Rafi gave her best friend a wholesome slap on the arm before continuing to say, “I can’t breathe,” from the shock, forcing her to leave the car.


The 27-year-old headed around the vehicle to give her best friend an emotional hug – a moment that would then be viewed on TikTok hundreds of thousands of times.

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When she shared the video, she wrote in the caption that Rafi was the person she was probably most excited to tell (after her husband).

Meryl said: “Since Rafi and I have been best friends, I always knew how to tell her I was pregnant.

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“I have always loved making videos, so I was going to ask her to film a video with me for my TikTok or YouTube so that it wouldn’t be suspicious. In that video, I would tell her I was pregnant.

“She had told me she wanted to try that new coffee shop, so I knew that would be how I would do it.

“I found out four days before telling her.

“I knew that I wanted to tell Rafi first – besides my husband – because we have always talked about the day, I get pregnant and how she would flip out!

“It was heartwarming to know that she loves me so much and that my baby will have the best auntie ever.”

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