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Golden Retriever Snuggles New Born Baby As They Meet For First Time

This is the tender moment a family’s Golden Retriever snuggles up to their new baby girl as she meets her for the first time.

“There’s A Bun In The Oven?!” – Wife Can’t Stop Laughing As She Waits...

A man was left speechless after his wife secretly hid a bun in their oven and waited for him to find it after she found out she was pregnant.

Boy Reads Letter And Can’t Believe What It reveals – A New Baby Brother!

A boy who dreamed of being a big brother leaps with joy after reading a letter ‘from his baby brother’ revealing his mom is pregnant.

Pregnant Couple Perform Hilarious Dance Just Weeks Before Mom-to-be Is Due

A heavily pregnant couple have filmed themselves hilariously dancing in their lounge - as they act out the stages of pregnancy.
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Couple Creatively Announce To Family They Are Expecting Through Video Calls After 3 Year...

A couple came up with a variety of ingenious ways to let their family members know they are expecting their first child – capturing each one on video remotely during lockdown.

Surprise Natural Pregnancy Reveal After 2.5 Years Of Infertility

A husband was left stunned as his wife revealed their unexpected pregnancy through a 'peas in a pod' gift after a long infertility battle.

Double Pregnancy Reveal Leaves Grandparents Gobsmacked

Two brothers whose wives are due a day apart decided to team up and surprise their parents with a double pregnancy reveal - resulting in hilarious reactions.
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Dad Creates Hilarious 360-Degree Photo Revealing What Parenting Is Really Like

An imaginative dad has created what could be the first 360-degree photo pregnancy announcement - hilariously demonstrating what parenting is really like.

Family Has Takeout Pregnancy Announcement Tradition…So Daughter Flies Across Country To Delivery Surprise

A family with a restaurant pregnancy announcement tradition received a special delivery when a daughter flew across the country to surprise her parents with takeout.

Premature Baby Discharged From Hospital After 156 Days, But Dad Has One More Surprise...

A mother said ‘yes’ to her partner’s marriage proposal as they took their baby home from hospital 156 days after giving birth at just 25 weeks due to complications