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Mother-in-Law Steps Up with Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement Reaction

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A woman who lost her mother before she was able to reveal her pregnancy news shared the beautiful moment her mother-in-law gave her the announcement reaction she always dreamed of.


Tiffaney Hefflefinger, from Dallas, Texas, was extremely close with her mother, Diana Weiss, before her shock pancreatic cancer diagnosis in November 2016.

Diana passed away in 2017, aged 65, and her death prevented only child Tiffaney from giving her mom her “life’s dream” of one day holding a grandbaby.

Tiffaney had always dreamed of giving her mom that gift, but after her mother’s passing she started to suffer from chronic illness (vertigo and dizziness), which stopped her and husband Chase focusing on having children.

Eventually, Tiffaney said, she started looking at life through a different mindset: she was missing that mother-child bond, and having a baby may resurrect that feeling of love.

Having fallen pregnant, Tiffaney, from Dallas, Texas, was excited to tell her mother-in-law, Gabrielle Fowler, which she asked Chase to capture on video.


Gabrielle was handed two gifts, the first of which was a candle, which she placed on the table in front of her.

Then, opening the second package, she saw an ornament with the due date of her “Newest Grandbaby.”

As soon as Gabrielle [Gay-Bree-Elle] saw the message, she looked at Tiffaney, who was sitting opposite her, screamed, and covered her mouth in shock.

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The clip soon went viral, receiving more than five million views.

Tiffaney, now 43, said: “I was so excited to share the news with her.

“I had always dreamed of this moment with my mother, and since I could not have it, I was hoping that she would be as excited as my mother would be.

“This was not her first grandbaby, but it was our first baby, and my husband is her oldest child.

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“I think she had given up hope that we would ever have a child as we had already been married for almost seven years at this point.

“To see her go from utter shock to disbelief back to shock to overjoyed brought me so much happiness.

“I cried seeing her reaction that day and still tear up every single time I watch the video.

“She was so happy for us and it meant the world to me.”

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