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Great-Great-Grandmother Surprised On 96th Birthday With First Visit From Family’s Latest Newborn

A 96-year-old woman clapped her hands and shook with joy as she finally got to hold her great-great-grandson for the first time after being separated from her family during the pandemic.
grandmother meets great grandson

Loving Grandmother Finally Gets To Hold Her First Great Grandson After Beating Covid

A loving grandmother finally holds her great grandson for the first time after a tough battle with COVID-19.

Three-year-old With Cerebral Palsy Told She May Never Walk Plays in Snow for First...

A girl with cerebral palsy who was told she may never walk was able to enjoy snow for the first time - thanks to an ingenious idea by her uncle to add pool noodles to the base of her walker. While Winter Storm Orlena brought much of the Northeast U.S. to a halt, the Durborow family saw it as an opportunity for Colbie, aged three, to experience playing in snow for the first time.

Couple Marry For Second Time At Care Home So Bride’s Isolating Grandmother Can Attend

A pair of newlyweds undertook a beautiful gesture for the bride's grandmother, by getting married for the second time so she could attend. Virginia, 90, was forced to isolate due to her health and COVID-91 protocols, meaning she missed her granddaughter's original wedding a week earlier. Undeterred, the couple worked with care home manager Christina Scott to make bride Virginia's dream come true and have her grandmother see her walk down the aisle and marry Harvey Sydnor.