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Grandmothers Surprised With Tearful Reveal of First Granddaughter

Grandmothers' overjoyed reaction to meeting their first granddaughter goes viral, with many viewers saying they cried along too.

Bride Honors Grandmother on Wedding Day by Wearing Her 60-Year-Old Wedding Dress for Father-Daughter...

A bride gave her grandma the ultimate wedding day surprise when she secretly changed into her old wedding dress for the traditional father-daughter dance, while her dad honored her late veteran...

Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Lights up for ‘First-Ever’ Meetings With Baby Granddaughter

A new mom shares heartwarming videos of her mother with Alzheimer's meeting her baby granddaughter for the "first time ever." The videos show the grandmother lighting up and smiling when she sees the baby, even though she doesn't remember her. The mom says these moments are a reminder of the love her grandmother has for her granddaughter, even though she's struggling with the disease.

Family Drives Across Border to Surprise Great-Grandmother with Newborn Granddaughter

A great-grandmother in California cried tears of joy when she was surprised on her birthday by her four-month-old great-granddaughter, who she had never met because of a months-long travel issue. The family drove across the border from Mexico to surprise the great-grandmother on her birthday, and the moment was captured on video.

Grandmother’s Dream of Visiting Disneyland Finally Comes True After Grandchildren Surprise Her

72-year-old Esther's dream of visiting Disneyland finally came true after her grandchildren surprised her with a trip to the park. The heartwarming video of Esther's reaction has gone viral

Grandma Reads White Board in Hospital to Discover Her Daughter Has Named Daughter After...

A grandma was brought to tears in a hospital ward when she looked at the whiteboard and discovered that her daughter’s newborn baby had been named after her own grandmother.

Mom Shares Adorable Reaction of Eight-Year-Old Son Every Time He Reunites With Grandma Who...

A mom has shared a wholesome collection of four years' worth of videos of her excitable son reuniting with his beloved grandma at her local airport.

Grandmother Who Has Never Been A Bridesmaid Lights Up When Granddaughter Asks Her To...

A grandma who has never been a bridesmaid lit up when her granddaughter asked her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding.

Military Grandson Surprises Grandma In Hospice With Kidney Failure

A grandma in hospice cried as she was surprised by her military grandson who she raised but never thought she would see again due to his deployment.

Grandma Breaks Down When She Hears Late Husband Say ‘I Love You’ In Surprise...

A beloved grandma could not contain her happy tears when she realize that the voice in a Build-A-Bear saying "I Love You" was that of her late husband, who had passed away a few weeks earlier after nearly seven decades together.
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