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Grandmother’s Dream of Visiting Disneyland Finally Comes True After Grandchildren Surprise Her

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A beloved grandmother has gone viral after her granddaughters surprised her with a dream trip to Disneyland in California.

It had always been 72-year-old Esther’s dream to visit the park, but she never got the chance as a child because she grew up poor in a large family.

As she got older, Esther, from California, always expressed her desire to go to the park, but life and family commitments got in the way.

But then, in July, Esther’s grandchildren – sisters Alicia, 27, and Ocean, 18, and their cousin Raquel, 25 – decided to work on a surprise.

Alicia said it had been a tough year of loss, as Raquel had lost her brother in January, and she and Ocean then lost their grandfather in June.

Esther reacts after her blindfold is removed. ©Alicia Grijalva / T&T Creative Media
Esther hugs Alicia after she surprised her with her first trip to Disneyland. ©Alicia Grijalva / T&T Creative Media

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To boost their grandmother’s spirits, Alicia thought: What better place to take her grandma than the self-dubbed Happiest Place On Earth.

She, Ocean and Raquel planned the surprise for July 23, when they took their grandma on a drive around Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, where she likes looking at the fancy stores.

After that, knowing Disneyland was roughly a 20-minute drive, the cousins blindfolded their grandmother in their car, allowed her to freshen up at a hotel, and then blindfolded her again as they headed to the park.


The grand reveal took place outside the entrance to the park and Downtown Disney, which Alicia later shared on her TikTok channel.

The moment soon went viral, with Esther’s excited face resonating with viewers – a moment she had waited more than 70 years for.

Esther with her granddaughters at Disneyland. ©Alicia Grijalva / T&T Creative Media
At the Magic Kingdom. ©Alicia Grijalva / T&T Creative Media

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Speaking of the surprise, Alicia said: “I definitely cried, because she was surprised and I could see how excited she was and how grateful she was too.

“So many people have been showing so much love to her.


“It’s amazing because she truly is such an amazing woman, grandma and mom.

“After the heart ache we have had this year, I thought to myself, What better time than now to take my grandma to the happiest place on Earth? – to just get out of town and enjoy ourselves.”

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