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Boyfriend Surprises Scuba Diver Girlfriend With Surprise Underwater Proposal On His “first” Dive

A boyfriend left his scuba diver girlfriend shellshocked during what she believed was his first dive – pulling out a ring and proposing underwater.

Hugh Jackman Pauses Show To Help Man In Audience Propose

The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman, gave one lucky lady her greatest surprise - by stopping his concert to help a man with a surprise proposal.

Probation Officer Left Speechless As Boyfriend Let Into Court In Shackles… But It’s Not...

This is the hilarious moment a probation officer is left speechless as her boyfriend is led into courtroom in shackles - and admits he is guilty of loving her before proposing. Tiffany...

Man Tracks Down Location In Postcard His GF Gave Him, So He Can Propose...

 A man may have pulled off a picture-perfect proposal - tracking down the breath-taking location on a postcard given to him by his girlfriend at the beginning of their relationship. The postcard,...

Woman Proposed To While Surrounded By Sharks

  This is the stunning moment a man proposes to his girlfriend of 20 years while surrounded by sharks. Adventurous Alan Paul and fiancée Mandy Thompson, from Houston, Texas, are huge shark fans...

Pilot Proposes At 850ft In Cockpit

 This is the emotional moment a man surprises his girlfriend by proposing at 8500ft while piloting a plane with her on board for the very first time. Cody Benham, 24, was left...