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Boyfriend Incorporates Girlfriend’s Twin Sister Who Has Cerebral Palsy Into His Surprise Proposal by Presenting Her With a Ring and Proposing to Her Too

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A boyfriend came up with a beautiful way to incorporate his girlfriend’s twin sister who has cerebral palsy into their engagement – by proposing to her as well.

Anesa Hughes, from north of Knoxville, Tennessee, always joked to her boyfriend, Tyler Fields, that she and her sister Alli were a “package deal” when the pair first began dating.

When Anesa and Alli were born three months early, Alli stopped breathing, and she was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy, leading to physical and intellectual problems, seizures, and multiple surgeries.

Alli was also recently diagnosed with autism, and her disabilities helped bond the twins making them extremely close, as Anesa, 30, has always looked out for her sister.

Anesa would say her future partner would need to love Alli as much as her, and she told Tyler this right away, stressing that one day, Alli would need to come and live with her, as she currently lives in Virginia with their parents.

The sisters as youngsters (left); and with their mom (right). ©Anesa Hughes / T&T Creative Media

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Tyler took everything in his stride and also grew a close bond with Alli, so much so that he wanted to incorporate both sisters into his surprise proposal.

Having returned to Anesa and Alli’s parents’ farm on April 1, Tyler, 26, was adamant he wanted to take a walk to see the family’s horses.

The couple headed outside, where Tyler then asked his brother Jacob to “take a photo” of him and Anesa – only for Jacob to turn the camera to video mode.


Then, having received an excitable ‘yes’ from Anesa – who had no idea about the surprise – Tyler headed back to the house, where he had a surprise planned for Alli too.

Tyler with Alli (left); and Anesa and Alli (right). ©Anesa Hughes / T&T Creative Media

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He presented her with a ring and told her how much she meant to him – a moment Anesa captured on video and later shared on social media, where it received an outpouring of love from viewers.

She said: “I feel like I got even more emotional when I saw Alli receive her ring.

“She was so happy – and it showed me and my parents that Tyler was in it for the long run.


“It was a public commitment to love and care for us through better and worse.

“My whole family loved it – my dad, a man of very few words, just seemed to relax.

Tyler ‘proposes’ to Alli in the heartwarming gesture (left); and Anesa and Alli showing off their rings. ©Anesa Hughes / T&T Creative Media

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“He told me he was proud to have a man like Tyler be his future son-in-law and knew we were going to be taken care of.

“Social media has been overwhelmingly supportive.

“We hope this shows others that true love is out there no matter the situation.

“Family is so very important and we are so blessed.

“We hope to show that families like ours can thrive.

“And we hope to be the example that cerebral palsy doesn’t have to limit you and it definitely doesn’t define you.”



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