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Former Disneyland Worker Gets Engaged After Boyfriend Plans Scavenger Hunt at the Park

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A woman who met her boyfriend while working at Disneyland together received a beautiful surprise when she made her way through the park on a scavenger hunt to discover him waiting to propose.


Cynthia Robinson, from Riverside, California, met her then-boyfriend Ricky after being hired as a cashier at the resort in 2013.

The pair soon became an item, working together on Main Street and in the Jolly Holiday Bakery, Coke Corner, and Gibson Girl Parlor.

They later transferred to table service restaurants before ending their employment with The Walt Disney Company in 2018.

Despite no longer working there, the park still had a special place in Cynthia and Ricky’s hearts, and on their 5th anniversary as a couple, Ricky said he had a full day of surprises planned for Cynthia.

He not only booked a table at the park’s exclusive Club 33 restaurant but also reached out to former colleagues on Facebook, asking if they could help with the biggest surprise.


Once inside the park, Cynthia, 29, was greeted by a friend, who held up a poster of Ricky, 34, with a loving note, which informed the former Disney worker she was about to go on a hunt for more clues.

As she made her way through the park, old co-workers gave more and more clues before Cynthia reached the final stop: the riverboat ride.

Former colleagues helped get Cynthia’s friends and family into the park, and someone in guest relations helped briefly stop the Mark Twain Riverboat ride so the final surprise could take place.

Two of the notes left around Disneyland, leading Cynthia to the surprise. ©@.cynthiaamou / T&T Creative Media
Ricky drops to one knee to propose (left) and posing with Cynthia (right). ©@.cynthiaamou / T&T Creative Media

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It was there that she climbed some steps and discovered Ricky, surrounded by friends and family, ready to get down on one knee and pop the question.

Cynthia, having said ‘Yes,’ later shared footage of the moment on social media on August 1, 2023, as an anniversary post, four years after it had happened, on August 1, 2019.

Since then, the couple has gotten married and still loves Disney.

Cynthia said: “At first, I was not thinking this was going to be an engagement.

“It was our five-year anniversary, so I had just thought it would be something nice for that celebration.

Ricky and Cynthia wearing Mickey and Minnie hats. ©@.cynthiaamou / T&T Creative Media

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“I was completely shocked seeing my friend, his cousins and old co-workers because I had not spoken with any of them previous to the day, and some I had not seen since we left the resort the year before.

“But it was not until I had seen his parents that I knew he would ask the big question.

“Of course, I could not have imagined that most of my family would be the last stop.

“Walking through the park with the roses and people staring and saying congratulations felt unreal, and I was just excited to see Ricky again and didn’t know what else to expect.

The couple have since got married. ©@.cynthiaamou / T&T Creative Media

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“I whimsically decided to post it in honor of our anniversary on social media, so many people commented they cried, and that true love does exist, and it’s given them hope for love.

“It’s so nice for us to be able to relive this incredible moment in our lives with the world.”

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