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nerf gun war military reunion

Military Dad Surprises Son During Nerf War After Deployment

A boy thinks he’s in an epic Nerf Gun war with his mom - only to discover the person firing back at him is his soldier dad who has been on deployment for almost a year.

Kids Reunited With Military Dad After More Than 500 Days Apart

A group of siblings could not hide their delight after they were surprised with the news that they were about to meet their military father, who had been serving overseas for more than 500 days.

Familiar Voice From Outside Surprises Toddler Who yells Out For Military Dad Before Leaping...

An adorable toddler perplexed by hearing a familiar voice from outside excitedly leapt into her military dad’s arms as he arrived home after seven months away on duty.
military stepdad adoption

Military Stepdad Brought To Tears When Stepkids Surprise Him With Adoption Request Hidden In...

A military stepdad was surprised with a book containing memories from his stepchildren – only for him to turn the page and see a loving adoption request.
Marine surprised by former colleague

Veteran Marine Who Has Been Battling Mental Health Issues After Parachute Accident Surprised By...

A veteran Marine who has been suffering from mental health issues was given a huge boost when his colleague from 19 years ago surprised him as his restaurant server.

Boy Brings Military ‘Daddy Doll’ To Daycare Only To Be Surprised By Real Dad...

A boy who brought his military ‘daddy doll’ to show his friends at daycare was left stunned when his real dad walked in to surprise him after returning from a year-long deployment.

Police Officer Brought To Tears When Military Son Surprises Her At Swearing In Ceremony

A police officer burst into tears at her swearing-in ceremony when she discovered her military son who she hadn't seen in two years would be pinning her badge.

Military Dad Surprises His Five Kids In Disney’s Magic Kingdom After A Year-long Deployment In...

Five young siblings were given the surprise of their life when they posed for a photo at Disney’s Magic Kingdom only for their military father to appear in shot.

Soldier Surprises 170lb Bullmastiff By Hiding In Gift-wrapped Box As He Returns Home

A 170lb (12 stone) dog couldn’t contain his puppy-like excitement when his U.S. Army human brother returned home for Christmas and surprised him by hiding in a gift-wrapped box.

U.S. Marine Surprises His Brother After Finishing Active Service

A U.S. Marine surprised his kid brother after returning home from active service for good.