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Couple Share Wholesome Compilation of Their Family Members’ Shocked Reactions When They Explain They...

A couple has shared a wholesome compilation of videos where their family members not only found out they were expecting their first baby – but that they were having twins.
Baby with down syndrome meets brother

Toddler With Down Syndrome Showers Newborn Baby Brother With Kisses in Adorable Video

A boy with Down syndrome could not hide his delight as he got to hold his newborn brother in his arms for the first time.

Dad Celebrates Putting Baby to Sleep With Hilarious Victory Twerk

A new dad went viral after he was caught on camera celebrating his success in putting his baby to sleep with a hilarious victory twerk. The video has been viewed over 12 million times and struck a chord with parents everywhere who can relate to the feeling of accomplishment.

Golden Retriever Shows Love for Newborn Baby Girl as Family Introduce Newest Addition

A family's Golden Retriever showed her love for their newborn baby girl by giving her an affectionate lick and snuggling up to her. After 11 years of fertility struggles and two miscarriages, Ann and Danny Johnson joyfully introduce their healthy baby girl to their furry family members - but their dog Sadie's reaction melted their hearts.

Baby Born at 24 Weeks Weighing Less Than a Jar of Spaghetti Sauce Finally...

A baby born at 24 weeks weighing less than a jar of spaghetti sauce has finally been able to go home after nine months in the NICU.
great-great-grandson surprise

Great-Great-Grandmother Surprised On 96th Birthday With First Visit From Family’s Latest Newborn

A 96-year-old woman clapped her hands and shook with joy as she finally got to hold her great-great-grandson for the first time after being separated from her family during the pandemic.

Great-Grandfather Brought To Tears When He Sees New Great-Grandson Is Named After Him

A new great-grandfather began to sob uncontrollably in a hospital ward, as he was surprised with the news that the latest family member had been named after him and his father.

Boy Reads Letter And Can’t Believe What It reveals – A New Baby Brother!

A boy who dreamed of being a big brother leaps with joy after reading a letter ‘from his baby brother’ revealing his mom is pregnant.

Military Grandfather Stands For Hours Outdoors To Watch Birth Of Granddaughter Through Bottom Floor...

A loving military grandfather was granted leave to watch the birth of his granddaughter through a bottom floor hospital window - standing outside for hours into the night.

Great Grandfather’s Sees Great Grandchild For The First Time While In Self-isolation

An 89-year-old could not hide his delight when he got to see his newborn great-granddaughter for the first time – despite the coronavirus meaning it needed to be through a pain of glass.
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