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great-great-grandson surprise

Great-Great-Grandmother Surprised On 96th Birthday With First Visit From Family’s Latest Newborn

A 96-year-old woman clapped her hands and shook with joy as she finally got to hold her great-great-grandson for the first time after being separated from her family during the pandemic.

Great-Grandfather Brought To Tears When He Sees New Great-Grandson Is Named After Him

A new great-grandfather began to sob uncontrollably in a hospital ward, as he was surprised with the news that the latest family member had been named after him and his father.
Baby with down syndrome meets brother

Toddler With Down Syndrome Cannot Stop Smiling As He Holds Newborn Baby Brother For...

A boy with Down syndrome could not hide his delight as he got to hold his newborn brother in his arms for the first time.

Boy Reads Letter And Can’t Believe What It reveals – A New Baby Brother!

A boy who dreamed of being a big brother leaps with joy after reading a letter ‘from his baby brother’ revealing his mom is pregnant.

Military Grandfather Stands For Hours Outdoors To Watch Birth Of Granddaughter Through Bottom Floor...

A loving military grandfather was granted leave to watch the birth of his granddaughter through a bottom floor hospital window - standing outside for hours into the night.

Great Grandfather’s Sees Great Grandchild For The First Time While In Self-isolation

An 89-year-old could not hide his delight when he got to see his newborn great-granddaughter for the first time – despite the coronavirus meaning it needed to be through a pain of glass.

Parents Surprise Daughter With Book Revealing New Baby Sibling

A girl, 8, who had asked for a baby sibling on her Christmas list every year was surprised with an early present – a book revealing she was to be a sister.

Grandma With Dementia Remembers To Sing To Newborn

This is the emotional moment a grandmother with severe dementia suddenly remembered how to sing a children's song as soon as her great grandson was placed into her arms.

Touching Moment Girl Sings Calming Lullaby As She Meets Newborn Sister For First Time

This little girl showed an instant sibling bond with her newborn sister - creating an adorable lullaby to help her to sleep the first time they met.

Premature Baby Discharged From Hospital After 156 Days, But Dad Has One More Surprise...

A mother said ‘yes’ to her partner’s marriage proposal as they took their baby home from hospital 156 days after giving birth at just 25 weeks due to complications