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Adopted Twins Meet Biological Baby Sister After She Too Is Adopted

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A couple who struggled through 15 years of infertility before adopting twins has shared the beautiful moment the youngsters discovered their parents had also adopted their newborn biological sister, who they were meeting for the first time.


During the first 15 years of their marriage, Nathan and Sheena Phelps experienced nine miscarriages and three failed IVF attempts.

The couple, from Pleasant Ridge, Kentucky, got a call from an adoption agency in 2021, saying two healthy, three-month-old twins were ready for adoption that day.

Having welcomed twins Sadie and Noah into their home, Nathan, 45, and Sheena, 38, discovered the following year that the twins’ birth mom was pregnant again.

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As the baby had the same birth dad as Sadie and Noah, their biological mother expressed that she would like her new baby to be adopted, too, so that the siblings could all be together.


Nathan and Sheena agreed – and after baby Eden was born, the couple met her birth parents before bringing her to their home the following day.

With the camera rolling, Nathan and Sheena’s god-daughter carried Eden into the Phelps’ living room, where the couple sat, each holding one of the twins.

As soon as they laid eyes on baby Eden, Sadie and Noah, then 16 months old, began to smile and tried to lift themselves to get a closer look at their baby sister.

Sheena shared the video during National Adoption Month. By sharing the post, Sheena said she hoped to raise awareness of the beauty adoption can bring, as well as give hope to those who have experienced infertility issues like her and Nathan.


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Speaking of the first meeting between the twins and Eden, Sheena said: “It is a moment we will never forget.

“When we received the twins, we were happier than we had ever been in our lives – and assumed that we would be a family of four – but seeing them meet their little sister made us realize that God’s plan for us is so much greater than anything we could ever ask for or imagine.

“After years of infertility, offering up thousands of prayers and crying gallons of tears, our whole community continues to celebrate our girls.

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“We cannot go anywhere without people commenting on the pictures and videos that Sheena posts of them on her social media platforms.

“We cannot thank our girls’ birth parents for loving them enough to trust us to raise them and to fulfill the purpose and potential.”

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