Good NewsFamily96-Year-Old Great Grandpa Discovers Newborn Named to Honor Him

96-Year-Old Great Grandpa Discovers Newborn Named to Honor Him

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A 96-year-old grandpa wiped away tears of pride when he held his granddaughter’s newborn baby for the first time and was surprised to find out the youngster had been named after him.


Kailey Blair d’Adesky, from Stuart, Florida, said the bond she shares with her grandparents is “like no other,” and she had two bucket list items she always wanted them to be a part of.

The first, Kailey said, was to have them to be present at her wedding, while the second was to have them witness her children after they were born.

So, when Kailey, 30, discovered she was set to welcome a boy – she decided to take things a step further and name him after her grandpa, Ray Snipe, who she calls “Dandad.”

After her son was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kailey welcomed her grandpa into her hospital room on April 27.

Ray held his newborn great-grandson there, smiling from ear to ear at his family’s new bundle of joy.


But then, when his granddaughter informed him of the baby’s name – Decker Ray d’Adesky – the 96-year-old tried his best to fight back tears of joy.

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Prior to the moment, Kelly said she and her husband hadn’t shared the naming idea with anyone.

She later discovered that her grandpa was not the first Raymond in the family, as her husband’s great-grandfather was also called Raymond.


She said: “It was always a bucket lister to have my grandparents at my wedding – they are 96 and 94 years old – and to have them witness my children.

“The bond with my grandparents is unlike any other, and when I found out I was having a son, I thought it would be special to have a part of his name the same as my Dandad’s.

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“We later found out that my husband’s great-grandfather’s name was Raymond, so it seemed fitting to add Ray into the mix.

“My son having a piece of his name was a no-brainer.


“There were lots of happy tears and love filled the room.

“I was so honored to have this name shared between the two of them.

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“I will always be at peace, knowing my son will always share a piece of the most influential man in my life.

“Anyone who knows me knows the bond I share with my Dandad.

“We didn’t share the name with anyone prior to birth, so the surprise was so special.”

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