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Heartbroken Bride Donates $15,000 Wedding Reception to Disabilities Charity

A California bride has turned heartbreak into heartwarming generosity by donating her non-refundable wedding reception to a charity that supports families with children with disabilities.

Woman Reunited With Long-Lost Bridal Photos After 65 Years

A chance social media post has helped reunite a bride with her 65-year-old bridal photos, after they were bought at auction.

Cancer Diagnosis Couldn’t Stop Mom From Witnessing Daughter’s Big Day in Touching Surprise

A bride who planned to surprise her cancer-battling mom in hospital was instead surprised by her own mom.

Bride Opens Gift From Mother-in-Law Containing Secret to Her Son’s Happiness

A bride opens a heartfelt gift from her mother-in-law containing the ‘secret to her son’s happiness’.

Groom’s Jaw Drops When Bride Surprises Him With His Favorite Ice Cream Truck From...

A stunned groom froze in shock when his bride surprised him with his favorite ice cream truck from childhood.

Bride Emotionally Surprised With Painting of Herself in Wedding Dress With Late Father

A stunned bride froze in shock and then burst into tears when she was surprised with a painting of her late father standing beside her in her wedding dress. Bride Samantha Stafford...

Groom’s Emotional Reaction to Kissing His Bride Goes Viral

An emotional groom was so overwhelmed with love after being told he could kiss his bride that he broke down in tears on the altar and could not walk back down...

Dodgers Fan Bride Surprises Father With Emotional Rendition of 7th Inning Stretch at Wedding

A bride surprised her father with a unique twist on the traditional father-daughter dance at her wedding. Instead of dancing, the bride and her father sang the 7th inning stretch from a Dodgers game, a tradition they shared when she was growing up. The video of the moment has gone viral, with people from all over the world praising the couple for their creativity and love for each other.

Bride Surprises 100-Year-Old Great-Grandmother With Wedding Dress After She Couldn’t Attend Wedding

Bride Emily surprised her great-grandmother Urbana, who couldn't attend her wedding due to ill health, by visiting her in her care home wearing her wedding dress. Urbana's reaction was priceless, and the video of the surprise has since gone viral.

Disney-Loving Bride Surprises Guests With Mashup of Disney Songs in Wedding Speech

Bride Josie McSollars surprised her wedding guests with a mashup of Disney songs in her wedding speech. The surprise made guests howl with laughter, as Josie added in references to COVID, her friends, family, people getting drunk at the bar, and poked fun at her husband's groomsmen.
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