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Dodgers Fan Bride Surprises Father With Emotional Rendition of 7th Inning Stretch at Wedding

A bride and her father put a unique twist on their father-daughter dance – singing along to their beloved Dodgers’ 7th inning stretch.


The video was captured by Vanilla Film, a wedding videographer, and has quickly wracked up hundreds of thousands of hits online.

The emotional bride begins by addressing the wedding party, saying: “This is the part where my dad and I are supposed to dance.

“But that’s not something we’ve ever done.” Father/Daughter 7th inning stretch 🧢⚾️ #dodgers #weddingsurprise #fatherdaughter #seventhinningstretch ♬ original sound – user8730928292948

Choking back tears, the bride continues: “I thought it may be best to do something that we like to do and really represents us well.

“This is something I had the greatest memories with my dad from my childhood.


“And as an adult, it’s time for our favorite part of Dodger baseball, the seventh inning stretch.”

The bride’s father – wearing his Dodgers cap – had no idea his daughter was planning to do this.

As he listens to her read her speech, he too begins to tear up.

dodgers baseball song
The bride surprises her Dodger’s loving dad at their wedding. ©

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As the famous song Take Me Out To The Ball Game begins to play, the bride quickyl remarks “we are terrible singers” before they launch into a hearty version of the song along with all their guests.

The bride – wearing a giant blue foam hand – leads the guests as they wave napkins to the jaunty tune.

The clip has wracked up thousands of views online and commenters saying this is how they want to do their own dance’s with their father’s.

The pair hug, before launching into singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game ©

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Katie Rose said: “I never expected Take Me Out to the Ballgame to make me cry, but here I am.”

Another added: “I did a first look with my dad. He turned around and I was holding our gloves. We played a game of catch. I absolutely love this 💙🤍”

Another user said: “That “Dodgers!” was from his soul 💙…love this! Go Dodgers!!”


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