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Dad Spends 3 Years Transforming Daughter’s Room With Epic Disney Mural

A dedicated dad spent three years painstakingly creating a detailed Disney mural on his daughter's bedroom wall - and the result is amazing.

Family’s Security Camera Captures Wholesome Neighborhood Kids Admiring Chalk Art on Driveway

Security footage captured the heartwarming moment two kids expressed their amazement at their neighbor's driveway chalk art.

Woman With One Hand Turns Limb Difference Into Amazing Pop Culture Characters

Alexis Hillyard, a 41-year-old artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is turning her stump into pop culture characters to raise awareness for limb differences. Hillyard was born without her left hand, but she has never let that stop her from pursuing her dreams. She is a talented artist who uses her stump to create amazing works of art. Hillyard's work is inspiring others with limb differences, and it is helping to break down stereotypes.

Aspiring Artist Surprises 96-Year-Old Grandfather With Portrait She Painted of Him Capturing Sweet Reaction...

An aspiring artist surprised her 96-year-old grandfather with a portrait she painted of him while capturing his excitable reaction on camera.

Florida Man Photographs Sunset Every Night to Remember Late Wife of 65 Years

A man who spent evenings with his wife taking dramatic photos of sunsets has continued that tradition as a way of healing after her passing, sharing his stunning photos online.
Sock puppets surprise

Friends Of Artist Who Makes Quirky Sock Puppets On Side Surprise Him With Rendition...

An artist who creates quirky sock puppets on the side was surprised by friends and family with a zoom call using sock puppets to sing him Happy Birthday. The birthday was Cody’s second in isolation because of the coronavirus, and so his sister, Jillian, 33, wanted to do something different to surprise him.

Artists Creates Stunning Mosaics Out Of Magazines Her Grandfather Bought Her As A Child...

An artist has turned a childhood gesture from her grandfather into incredible mosaic artworks - then surprised him with the results.
portrait surprise

Man Surprised With Painting Of His Favorite Wedding Photo With his Late Grandparents Painted...

A husband couldn’t hide his tears when his wife surprised him with a painting of their wedding which included his late grandparents who had raised him but passed before the big day.
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