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Dad Spends 3 Years Transforming Daughter’s Room With Epic Disney Mural

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An artistic dad has taken his social media followers on a three-year journey, slowly creating a giant Disney mural on his daughter’s wall since she was a newborn.


Dad Lee spent more than 1000 days working on the giant artwork, which he had to manage around his job in a factory, which saw him leave at 6am, return home at 4pm, and then spend short bursts on the mural before for his daughter, Evie, would go to bed at 7pm.

The artist said he has always painted canvases and murals for people, but never on this scale.

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When his first child was born, Lee wanted to do something bigger and better than he had ever done.

Because of this busy schedule, Lee could only work on a mural a few times a week, sometimes only for around 30 minutes.


Over time, though, the giant artwork – which featured Evie’s name in the middle in Disney font, with 10s of characters around the outside – came together.

The characters Lee selected were a mixture of Evie’s favorites, his own, and those that could add an element of vibrancy to the wall.

Lee said there was no grand reveal, as Evie has grown up with the ever-progressing mural.

Over the three years, the artist has posted updated videos on TikTok, where viewers – including Disney’s page, which left a comment – have been amazed at the work.


From Jarrow, North East England, Lee said: “I’ve painted murals and canvases before for other people – but nothing like this in terms of scale.

“This was my first child, so I always had it in my mind that I would go bigger than ever.

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“The response from my friends and family was fantastic – everyone would ask to see pictures and ask how I was getting on, eager for me to finish because it took so long.

“It was the response on social media that really blew me away.


“On TikTok, it blew right up and went viral, gaining around 3.9 million views and nothing but positive feedback from people.

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“It was very overwhelming to see that many people you don’t know are giving your artwork that much love and it has reached many people worldwide.

“The response was phenomenal mind-blowing, to say the least.”

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