Florida Man Photographs Sunset Every Night to Remember Late Wife of 65 Years

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A Florida man who spent evenings with his wife taking dramatic photos of sunsets has continued that tradition as a way of healing after her passing, sharing his stunning photos online.

Rick Glombowski, 85, was married to wife Lillian for 65 years before her passing in 2022, and each evening the couple would head out to enjoy the last of the Lakeland, Florida, daylight together.

For 14 of those years Rick and Lillian would photograph reds, ambers and yellows across the sky, but after Lillian passed, Rick initially found it too difficult to photograph sunsets on his own.

Rick Glombowski was married to wife Lillian for 65 years
Rick Glombowski was married to wife Lillian for 65 years. ©T&T Creative Media
Rick and Lillian in later life
Rick and Lillian in later life. ©T&T Creative Media

When he tried, the memories of Lillian came flooding back.

But after a few weeks, Rick made a promise: “I felt like Lil wouldn’t want me to quit,” he said.


Now, each evening, Rick heads out on a golf buggy and takes a few photos on his tablet, with many locals joining him, before uploading them to a Facebook group for all to enjoy.

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Over the years, Rick estimates he has taken so many sunset photos each evening, the amount totals more than 100,000 images.

Sometimes he thinks of Lillian, he said, wishing she was still there with him, but he knows that each nightly upload will provide an uplift from his social media “support group.”


Rick’s story remained local until the daughter of someone from an RV resort he and Lillian visited every year posted a clip of Rick shooting his sunsets, where the video went viral.

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He said: “A lot of times, I am thinking of my wife and wishing she was here.

“Initially, I couldn’t bring myself to take sunset pictures, as the memories came flooding back and it was too much for me, but after some time, I felt like Lil wouldn’t want me to quit.

“I hope the images make people happy.”

Story via T&T Creative Media