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Family’s Security Camera Captures Wholesome Neighborhood Kids Admiring Chalk Art on Driveway

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A family’s security camera captured the wholesome interaction between two neighborhood children who stopped to admire the chalk art on their driveway.


Tara Strohschein, 33, from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, first started drawing chalk art on her family’s driveway for her daughter’s birthday in 2018.

The works became somewhat of an annual tradition in the Strohschein household, but this summer the family’s works went the next level.

Tara Strohschein/

After Tara was diagnosed with vertigo, doctors declared she was not allowed to drive for a number of months, meaning she would be spending more time at home around work.

As a result, Tara asked daughters Raya, 10, and Kennedy, aged eight, if they’d like to come and draw with her more often, which resulted in chalk works such as Dory and Nemo, as well as Winnie the Pooh.

These works would draw the attention of neighbors walking by, and it brought Tara and her daughters joy to know they were brightening people’s days.


But on September 16, Tara and her family got to hear such admiration firsthand, when two boys from the neighborhood walked past and were picked up on their security camera.

As they looked at Tara’s driveway they discovered the Pokemon character Evie, which took around one and a half hours to create, Tara said.

One boy, stunned by the accuracy and color of the work, simply said, “How?!”, before declaring, “There is no such chalk [that’s] brownish like that.”

Tara Strohschein/
Tara Strohschein/

They went on: “That just looks crazy!”


Tara said she knew of the boys but was not aware of their names.

She felt so happy to see others appreciating her and her daughter’s works that she decided to share the clip on social media, where more people praised her intricate creations.

Tara said: “It made me so incredible happy that I could brighten even just one person’s day. 

Tara Strohschein/

“It made me laugh and smile as the statement ‘There is no such chalk,’ and I wanted to simply just share it with my friends and family hoping to maybe brighten someone else’s day. 

“And it did just that. But it didn’t stop there, and I woke up to the shock of my life. 


“It’s been incredible – everyone has been so kind, uplifting and encouraging. 

“Everyone I run into brings up how the video made them smile and laugh. 

“I had many of artists commenting saying they would love that type of reaction to their art and they hope one day they can experience it.”

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