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Daughter Captures Heartwarming Moment Mom With Alzheimer’s Remembers 40-Year Marriage

A daughter captures a touching moment when her mother with Alzheimer's remembers their 40-year marriage.

Vacationers Help Elderly Man With Dementia Catch a Wave on Final Beach Trip

A group of vacationers helped an elderly man with dementia catch a wave on what could be his final beach trip. The man's daughter said her family was grateful for the strangers' kindness and that the experience would be something they would never forget.

Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Lights up for ‘First-Ever’ Meetings With Baby Granddaughter

A new mom shares heartwarming videos of her mother with Alzheimer's meeting her baby granddaughter for the "first time ever." The videos show the grandmother lighting up and smiling when she sees the baby, even though she doesn't remember her. The mom says these moments are a reminder of the love her grandmother has for her granddaughter, even though she's struggling with the disease.

Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Forgets Wedding, but Granddaughter’s Surprise Visit in Wedding Dress Brings Back...

Laura Schulman, 25, visited her grandmother Ruth Crowe, 84, in her wedding dress on her big day. Ruth has Alzheimer's and struggles remembering her family, but she was overjoyed seeing her granddaughter in her wedding dress. The moment was captured on video and has since gone viral.

Wife Battling Dementia Lights up When She Remembers Wedding Photo on Husband’s Apron Is...

A man has shared the wholesome moment that his dementia-battling mom lit up when she started to recognize her wedding photograph on her husband's apron.

Man Who Called Radio Station To Wish Himself Happy Birthday On Behalf Of Wife...

A pair of radio hosts gave a 90-year-old man a birthday surprise he will never forget after he called into their show to wish himself a Happy Birthday because his wife has dementia and could not remember to do so.

Woman Repeatedly Records Herself Telling Grandmother With Dementia That She’s Engaged, As She Knows...

A woman has recorded the moment she tells her grandmother who has dementia the exciting news she is engaged over and over again as she knows how much joy it brings her.

Woman With Dementia Remembers How To Play Her Kids’ Childhood Song After Not Owning...

A woman with dementia suddenly remembers how to play one of her daughters’ favorite songs – more than 35 years after she last owned a piano.
Robert holds his memory pillow

Sweet Moment Elderly Man With Dementia Is Surprised With Memory Pillow Featuring Late Wife

An elderly man suffering with dementia was surprised with a memory pillow featuring his late wife - leaving him beaming from ear to ear.

Grandma With Dementia Remembers To Sing To Newborn

This is the emotional moment a grandmother with severe dementia suddenly remembered how to sing a children's song as soon as her great grandson was placed into her arms.
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