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Grandmother With Alzheimer’s Forgets Wedding, but Granddaughter’s Surprise Visit in Wedding Dress Brings Back Joy

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A woman who brings her grandma coffee at her nursing home in the mornings gave her the ultimate surprise when she turned up in her wedding dress on her big day.

Laura Schulman, 25, undertook the loving gesture because her grandmother Ruth Crowe, 84, could not attend her wedding because she suffers from Alzheimer’s and struggles to remember her family.

Ruth has already forgotten the moment itself, Laura said, but capturing her reaction on video will give her family a memory to keep for a lifetime.

The 84-year-old’s condition makes Ruth a fall risk, and because she had recently left hospital because of battle with pneumonia and other complications, Ruth’s family decided it best for her not to attend Laura’s big day.

Laura surprises Ruth. ©Holly Masters / T&T Creative Media

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But Ruth has been Laura’s best friend since she was born, with the 25-year-old always asking to stay over at her grandma’s house when she was younger, and so Laura wanted to plan something extra special for her.

Each morning, Laura brings her grandmother a cup of coffee, along with her two-year-old daughter, who she is determined will spend time around her great grandmother while she still can.

On the day of her wedding, Laura, dressed in her wedding dress, decided to bring her photographer along, too, so that she can capture her grandmother’s reaction.

Though the moment was captured on video, it’s sad, Laura said, that Ruth has already forgotten the moment.


Keeping the footage, then, will all her to remind her grandmother of the special moment they shared as her memory fades.

Ruth reacts to Laura’s dress. ©Holly Masters / T&T Creative Media

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The moment took place on May 29 at Gillette Nursing Home, in Warren, Ohio.

Laura said: “The surprise itself was my idea.

“I wanted her to see me in my dress, and I couldn’t imagine not seeing her on my special day.


“My grandma was so happy seeing me.

“I cried when I saw my grandmas reaction, and her face lighting up was so special to me – I still can picture the exact moment I walked in. 

“The response to the video has been insane and something I didn’t expect to blow up so much.

“My family and friends loved it and so did all the strangers who have seen this go viral.”


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