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Amazing Moment Grandma With Mobility Walker Leads Mosh Pit During Heavy Metal Festival

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This is the amazing moment a ‘granny’ with a mobility walker led the mosh pit during a heavy metal festival.


Andreas Lindh was at the Swedish Rock Festival on June 8 when French musician Igorrr started his set with the song Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano.  

Fantastic footage shows revelers starting a mosh pit in the middle of the crowd led by ‘an old lady’ walking in circles ahead of them with her walker.

As the rest of the mosh followed, the lady rocked out ahead with one hand in the air while the music continued.

Andreas said: “I’ve never seen anything like this before, and my reaction was like most of the others there: amazement and joy.

“Seeing the moshers following her around was a moment of real happiness. The moshers went a lot harder after the old lady had left.


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“All of the persons involved in the moshing were genuinely watching out for her and made sure she was out front, most of the time.

“I don’t know who she was there with, but it seemed like the woman in the grey wolf sweater knew her and helped her get around.

“I hadn’t seen them earlier during the other three days of the festival and didn’t see them again after that.”


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