Good NewsFunnyReal Madrid Fan Dad Devastated At Daughter Receiving Barcelona Jersey At Quinceanera

Real Madrid Fan Dad Devastated At Daughter Receiving Barcelona Jersey At Quinceanera

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A dad who has supported Real Madrid for more than three decades hilariously couldn’t hide his distaste when his daughter was surprised with the jersey of fierce rivals Barcelona at her quinceanera. 


Alyssa Orozco Gonzalez, from Tallahassee, Florida, supports Real just like her father, Jose, 43, but Barca star Gavi is also one of Alyssa’s favorite players. 

Family and friends know she also collects soccer jerseys, so when Alyssa was seated at her quinceanera, she received a box to open.

Having looked inside, she then pulled out a Barcelona jersey with Gavi’s name on the back – but as soon as Jose saw the gift, a wry smile came across his face and he wagged his finger in disapproval. 

According to Alyssa’s mom, Wanda, 43, a guest purchased her the Gavi shirt as a surprise – despite the star playing for Real’s bitter rivals. 

Speaking of Jose’s funny reaction, which was caught on camera and went viral on social media, Wanda said: “Alyssa was just as surprised as my husband.


“She truly did not expect the gift but was simply happy to be celebrating her special day. 

“My husband was not expecting that gift to come out of the box – he was just as surprised as everyone. 

“His reaction did not surprise me, as he’s always a diehard fan of Real Madrid and I just knew he would oppose the jersey. 

“Our friends and family were supporting my husband since they know he’s a true Real Madrid fan. 


“Alyssa was so happy to showcase her jersey, and even though dad was not excited about it, he was just happy to be supporting our daughter on her special day.” 

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