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Strangers Who Like Each Other’s Blouses Swap Them In Costco

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A pair of strangers who admired each other’s blouses while walking through Costco shared a sweet moment when they decided to swap clothes right in the middle of the store. 


While walking through her local Costco in El Paso, Texas, Christina Martinez, 47, heard her mom compliment another woman on the blouse that she was wearing.

The stranger replied she liked Christina’s mom’s blouse, too, and so the pair decided to swap clothes there, and then, in a wholesome moment, Christina was able to capture on video. 

Christina said she didn’t catch any information about the other lady – only that she was from Parral in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

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Cristina later shared her video on social media, where it soon went viral and received over eight million views. 


Christina said: “Everyone was in shock it went viral – the comments are beautiful. 

“With everything happening in the world, here are just two beautiful ladies sharing love.” 

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