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Cheeky Wombat Stops Hiker So It Can Twerk on Her Hiking Poles to Scratch Butt

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A cheeky wombat turned to a hiker for a helping hand for an itch it couldn’t reach, twerking on her hiking pole to scratch its butt.


Jess was hiking with her husband Benny when the cute critter decided to approach the pair.

The couple goes camping every weekend and were on a two-day hike near St Helen’s on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia.

As wombats are Jess’s favorite animal, she did not hesitate when she and Benny were approached by a mother wombat and her baby.

The baby, however, had other ideas, walking up to Jess before turning around and scratching its butt on her pole as she laughed in disbelief.

Fortunately for the couple – and everyone on social media – Benny was recording the moment on Jess’ phone, so they were able to share a clip of the hilarious moment, which soon went viral.


Jess said: “We had just started our two-day hike when we saw a mum and baby wombat walking towards us, so we stopped to watch them.

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“The baby wombat just happened to turn and walk towards me and started to scratch its butt on my hiking pole – it was just perfect timing.

“My husband and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing as wombats are by far my favorite animal, so this was like a bucket list moment for me.


“I was over the moon and just found it the funniest and coolest moment ever.

“The response has been much bigger than we had ever thought, all our friends, family, and even people we don’t know, have been contacting us about the video.

“We even have people on the weekends that bump into us and tell us how much they love the video.”

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