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Twins Who Had Never Been Separated Giggle With Joy on First Day of Preschool as They Experience Reuniting for First Time

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A pair of twins who had never been separated could not stop giggling with joy when they experienced reuniting for the first time.


Alivia and Stylez Soto, 3, from Waianae, Hawaii, are incredibly close and codependent on each other, their mom, Ronnie, 32, said.

The siblings do everything together, but the family discovered they were in separate classes ahead of their first day of preschool orientation.

Initially, Ronnie said she “wasn’t too thrilled” about the decision, but then she came round to thinking the separation would be helpful in the twins’ personal development.

On their first day, on August 21, Alivia and Stylez were separated for three hours, as the first day saw kids undertake half days to get used to their new environment.

Stylez’s orientation finished before his sister’s, and when his mom collected him, he asked for his sister.


Ronnie knew the pair would have missed each other, so she took out her phone and recorded the moment they were finally reunited.

As Alivia and Stylez approached each other, their faces immediately lit up, giggling as they headed in for a big hug.

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Ronnie later shared the sweet clip on her TikTok channel, which soon went viral and received millions of views.


The mom said: “I instantly cried.

“Alivia’s reaction when she saw her brother from afar brought me to tears.

“It made my mama heart so happy to see them back together, because I knew this was a very big moment for them and they’ve never, before this moment, been apart.

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“I wasn’t even going to post the video but decided to anyway.


“It was an overnight sensation and got over a million views in 24 hours.

“All of our friends and family reached out and told us that the video made them cry.

“People at their school stopped us to ask if they were the twins from the viral video.

“It hit home to a lot of people and the love we received was unreal.”

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