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First Time Grandfather Meets Granddaughter After Agonizing 10 Month Wait

A first-time grandfather broke down in tears during a surprise meeting with is first grandchild, who he had waited 10 months to meet.

Bear-Faced Cheek: Woman Wakes Up During Night To Find Bear Taking Nap On Porch

A woman was woken in the middle of the night by a bear sleeping on her porch - and it was still there in the morning lying flat out using one of her cushions for comfort.

Soldier Surprises COVID Nurse Mom After Deployment

A hero mom was given a huge shock by her hero son after he returned from deployment in the Middle East to surprise the COVID-fighting nurse.

Adopted Dog Given Loving Send-off After 500 Days At Shelter

A grateful pooch was given a loving sendoff after he was finally adopted from his shelter after more than 500 days.

Best Friends Emotionally Reunite After Four Months Of Lockdown

Two best friends were emotionally reunited after spending four long months apart due to the shelter at home orders across the United States.

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Man Who Walked for Three Months to Find New Life Brought to Tears When He’s Gifted House

A loving father from Venezuela was brought to tears of joy when, after walking for three months with his son, he arrived safely in Ecuador, where he was presented with a new home and given a phone to call his mother.

Woman Says “Yes” To Proposal Across Two Boats Before Accidentally Hitting Throttle Sending fiancé Flying Into Water And Crashing

A couple’s engagement got off to a rocky start after the wife-to-be accidentally hit the throttle on her boat, causing it to crash and send her fiancé flying into the water as he proposed.

Brothers Sob As They Are Reunited With Parents After 23 Years Apart

An emotional son could not hold back his happy tears as he finally reunited with his parents after more than two decades apart.

Six-Year-Old Who Sees His Bald Grandpa As His Inspiration Shaves Head To be Just Like Him

A boy who idolizes his grandpa as a father figure decided he didn’t just want to be like him but look like him too - so shaved his head bald so that they’d look the same.

Avid Biker Enters First Motocross Race And Fakes Crash In Front Of Thousands Before Proposing To Shocked Girlfriend

An avid motorcycle rider devised a bold way to propose to his girlfriend, by signing up for his first-ever motorcross race and faking a crash so that she would immediately rush to his aid. Jeremy Durst, 30, from Miami, Florida, came up with the unique way of popping the question because it was a guaranteed way to make sure his girlfriend's family and friends would be in attendance, he said.

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