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Amy is a reporter at Happily. After taking a creative writing degree, she has written for various entertainment publications in both the UK and USA. She loves unearthing and sharing good news stories from communities across the country, shining a light on the positive actions of everyday people. When not working, she loves nothing more than taking in a Broadway show or relaxing with her adorable Chihuahua, Jasper.



Three-Year-Old Whose Tricycle Was Stolen Gets Surprised With Mini Motorcycle From Biker Dad

A boy, 3, whose bike was stolen was surprised with a mini electric motorbike so he could be just like his dad.

Woman With Down Syndrome and Dementia Lights Up When Family Member Dresses as Her Favorite Celeb, Hulk Hogan, to Surprise Her on 60th Birthday

A woman with Down Syndrome and dementia who loves Hulk Hogan was surprised when a family member dressed up as the famous wrestler to greet her on her 60th birthday.

Woman Cries When She’s Surprised With Build-a-Bear Containing Voice of Dad Who Passed Away

A woman was surprised on her birthday with a cuddly toy bear containing a message to remind her of her late father.

Cat Goes Viral When She Flips Stereotypes and Comforts Scared Dog During Thunderstorm

A caring cat flipped stereotypes on their head by comforting a scared dog during a thunderstorm.

Boy, 4, Dubbed ‘Young Ringo’ on Social Media After His Parents Share Video of Him Drumming Along to the Beatles

A four-year-old has been dubbed Little Ringo on social media after his parents shared a wholesome video of him perfectly jamming to The Beatles with his grandpa.

Hardworking Son Missed out on Dream Car, but Mom Secretly Snagged It for Him

A hard-working son who thought he'd lost out on a car he had been saving to buy was brought to tears when his mom surprised him with the vehicle.

Security Cam Captures Daughter’s Wholesome Conversation With Mom About Her Age

A mom's wholesome conversation with her daughter asking about her age has gone viral after it was caught on security camera.

Kids Realize Mom Has Bought Their Dream Home When They Spot Their Possessions Inside

Siblings were astonished to discover their possessions in the new home their hard-working mom had secretly saved up for.

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