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Hardworking Son Missed out on Dream Car, but Mom Secretly Snagged It for Him

A hard-working son who thought he'd lost out on a car he had been saving to buy was brought to tears when his mom surprised him with the vehicle.

Preemie Baby Gives Mom ‘Bonus Smiles’ When Bathed

A doting mom has shared a sweet video of her preemie baby giving her "bonus smiles" as he enjoys a bath after finally coming home from the NICU.

Multitasking Mom Bowls Strike While Breastfeeding

Kristin Whalen, a mom of two from Illinois, bowled a strike while breastfeeding her baby daughter in a hilarious video that has gone viral. The video has inspired other moms to show the world what they can do, proving that moms can do anything.

Son “Steals” Mom’s Vintage Car and Replaces It With a Fake While He Restores...

A son “stole” his mom’s vintage car, replaced it with a fake - and then lovingly restored it as a surprise on her birthday.

Family Recreate Mom’s Puppy Surprise, Playing out the Entire Scene With a Dog That’s...

A mom from Minnesota recreated her puppy surprise with her now 130-pound Bernese Mountain Dog, and the video has gone viral. The heartwarming video shows the mom's genuine happiness as she is surprised with the puppy, and it has brought smiles to thousands of people around the world.

Mom Reunited With Son After 40 Years in Heartwarming Surprise

Brenda, a mom from Minnesota, was left in complete shock when her son, Ben, walked into her kitchen and introduced himself after 40 years. Ben was adopted by another family when he was a baby, and Brenda lost contact with him over the years. But her daughters, Amanda and Schauna, tracked him down and set up the emotional surprise.

Mom Breaks Down When She Is Surprised With Build-a-Bear Containing Late Daughter’s Voice

A mom couldn’t hold back her tears when she was surprised with a teddy bear containing her late daughter's voice.

Mom Who Rarely Sees Daughter Due to Living Across Border Surprises Her for Birthday

A girl who rarely sees her mom due to living either side of the Mexico-US border couldn’t believe her eyes when her mother surprised her for her birthday.

Groom Lifts Mom From Wheelchair For Emotional Mother-Son Dance

A groom gave his mother a loving surprise on his wedding day by lifting her from her wheelchair for an emotional mother-son dance. Jaron Sparling, 25, only told his wife about the surprise he had planned for his mom, Lisa,

“My Baby!!”: Mom Darts Across Family Gathering With Tears In Her Eyes For Surprise...

A loving mother screamed in shock and darted through a family gathering when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her son, who she had not seen since he was three years old.
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