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Mom Who Rarely Sees Daughter Due to Living Across Border Surprises Her for Birthday

A girl who rarely sees her mom due to living either side of the Mexico-US border couldn’t believe her eyes when her mother surprised her for her birthday.

Groom Lifts Mom From Wheelchair For Emotional Mother-Son Dance

A groom gave his mother a loving surprise on his wedding day by lifting her from her wheelchair for an emotional mother-son dance. Jaron Sparling, 25, only told his wife about the surprise he had planned for his mom, Lisa,

“My Baby!!”: Mom Darts Across Family Gathering With Tears In Her Eyes For Surprise...

A loving mother screamed in shock and darted through a family gathering when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw her son, who she had not seen since he was three years old.

Proud Mom Goes Viral After Traveling To Shine Attorney Son’s Shoes On First Day...

A proud mom has gone viral after she flew across the country to help her son get ready for his first day as an attorney, shining his shoes and readying his outfit.

Father Whose Health Is Failing Surprises Daughter At Dream Home

A father whose health is failing brought his daughter to tears when he surprised her at her dream home, which she had worked hard to achieve.

Mom Suffering Chronic Pain Becomes Bodybuilder

A woman suffering from chronic pain defied the odds to win a bodybuilding competition after refusing to let her condition stop her.

Siblings Surprise Mom On Birthday By Paying Off Her Mortgage

Four siblings brought their mother to tears on her 66th birthday when they surprised her by paying off the rest of her mortgage.

Son Surprises Mom He Hasn’t Seen In Nearly A Decade By Wearing Twin’s Clothes...

A son who hadn’t seen his mom in nearly a decade left her crying happy tears when he wore his twin’s clothes and walked into the family’s living room to celebrate her birthday.

Mom Left Frozen In Shock As Daughter Living Overseas Surprises Her From Inside Box...

A mom was left frozen in shock when she opened her front door to find a box – before her daughter, who lives abroad, leaped out to surprise her. Julie had been living abroad in Switzerland for two years when, feeling homesick, she booked a surprise trip back. But enlisting the help of her sisters, she decided to make the reunion a memorable one.

Single Mom Who Had Child In High School Cries In Grown-Up Son’s Arms As...

A woman who became a single mom in high school broke down in tears at her mother's grave, as she and her son opened a note to reveal that she had finally been accepted into the college of her dreams. Vanessa Perez, 34, from Pittsburg, California, became pregnant with her son, Julian, during her senior year of high school. But she never gave up on her dream of further education.