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Multitasking Mom Bowls Strike While Breastfeeding

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A multitasking mom bowled a superb strike while breastfeeding her baby daughter.


Mom-of-two Kristin Whalen was nursing daughter Lorelei while celebrating Kristin’s nephew’s birthday at a bowling alley in Salem, Illinois, on June 7.

Kristin, who hadn’t been bowling for a couple of years, was discussing how moms need to and can do anything with her friends while she was breastfeeding.

As her turn came around, she said, ‘Like even bowl while nursing,’ before picking up the ball and beginning her approach.

Kristin said: “I don’t bowl often and am really not that good, but when I let go of the ball, I could tell it was at least not a gutter ball – which happens a lot for me.

“As it started moving down the middle, I knew I had a chance. I was still shocked when all the pins fell.


“I have had a lot of friends share the video and a lot of other people comment – especially other mothers who thought it was just hilarious.

“Moms or parents seemed to enjoy it because they know the need to constantly multitask with a kid.”

Kristin steps up while breastfeeding baby Lorelei. ©T&T Creative Media
She scores a strike, knocking down all ten pins. ©T&T Creative Media

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Sister-in-law Abby Etnier, who filmed the incredible moment, added: “Kristin was nursing her baby and we had just finished discussing how moms can do anything.


“Then she said, ‘like even bowl while nursing’ and got a strike – we were all super surprised and excited.

“As Mothers, we both find nursing our babies extremely important and also know how hard it is at the same time.

“We celebrate it and empower each other to help be the best mothers we can be to our children. Every mom needs support and acceptance, which is what we are all about.

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