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Father Whose Health Is Failing Surprises Daughter At Dream Home

A father whose health is failing brought his daughter to tears when he surprised her at her dream home, which she had worked hard to achieve.

Dad With Quadriplegia Lifts Giggling Daughter For First Time

A dad with quadriplegia has gone viral after a video of him lifting his giggling baby daughter under his own strength for the first time received millions of views.

Musician Dad Shares Ingenious Routine Where His Beatboxing Immediately Stops Baby From Crying

A musical dad has come up with an ingenious way of stopping his baby from crying - by beatboxing his way to grabbing the youngster's attention.
military dad surprise

Military Dad Returns From Serving In The Middle East To Surprise Daughter On Stage...

A high school student was given an emotional surprise ahead of her graduation, as her military dad who she thought was still overseas suddenly appeared.

Son Surprises Dad He Hasn’t Seen In Almost 2 Years By Swapping Places With...

A son returning to the US after almost two years abroad switched outfits with his identical twin brother so he could surprise their unsuspecting father.

Boy Reunited With Dad In Hospital On Birthday After 55 Days

A boy was surprised on his 8th birthday with an emotional reunion with his dad who he hadn't seen for 55 days during his battle with COVID.
Blind father surprised

Son Reunites With Blind Father After 3 Years Apart

A blind man was reduced to tears when he heard the voice of his son, who had traveled to surprise him, after more than three years apart.
nerf gun war military reunion

Military Dad Surprises Son During Nerf War After Deployment

A boy thinks he’s in an epic Nerf Gun war with his mom - only to discover the person firing back at him is his soldier dad who has been on deployment for almost a year.
dad looks into softball at photos

Dedicated Dad Who Never Missed a Game Holds Back Tears as His Now-Adult Daughter...

A dedicated dad who never missed a single one of his daughter's games, matches, races or track meets struggled to hold back tears as he peered inside a surprise softball full of photographic memories. For Amanda Gardner, 18, from East Texas, her father Gary, 53, was not only her biggest supporter, but also her coach. That's why she wanted to surprise him after years of dedicated support as she prepared to head back off to college.

Dad-To-Be Hilariously Reacts To News He Is Having A Son At Gender Reveal Into...

This is the hilarious moment a dad-to-be finds out he is having a son in an extended family dominated by women.