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Heartwarming Routine of Toddler Greeting Dad Goes Viral

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A proud mom has shared her toddler son’s excitable daily routine when his father comes home from work.


Asha Lane, from Atlanta, Georgia, started noticing her son Zion’s daily darts to the door when his father returned home from work.

Each afternoon, Asha said, Zion would excitably head to the door when he heard it unlocking, screaming, “Hey,” “Hello,” “Daddy,” or “Dada” when his father Nathaniel, 30, entered.

As soon as 17-month-old Zion hears the door unlock, he stops whatever he is doing, Asha said, so she starts recording short clips of his wholesome routine.

Asha later shared a compilation of Zion running to his father on social media, which soon went viral.

Asha said Zion continues to run to his father daily.


She added: “It melts my heart to see my son react to his father coming home like he does.

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“The love between a father and his son is unique, and I am genuinely grateful that my son gets to experience it.

“My husband has expressed that the joy of being welcomed by his son after a demanding workday is the most incredible feeling – it makes all the hard work and sacrifices worth it.


“Fathers play a crucial role—they are important and essential.

“The video beautifully illustrates how a father’s presence can illuminate a child’s world.

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“The bond formed early on shapes a child’s character, fostering confidence that resonates through the years.

“Every interaction is an opportunity to make a lasting impact—never underestimate your influence on your child, as they absorb and react to the lessons and love you provide.”


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