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Girl Surprises Stepfather With Request To Adopt Her, Stepfather Cries Happy Tears Of Joy

A stepfather burst into tears as his stepdaughter presented him with a surprise card with a message inside asking him to adopt her.

Stepfather Surprises 19-Year-Old With Adult Adoption Papers For Christmas

A loving stepdad who has looked after his stepdaughter for the majority of her life fought back the tears as he surprised her with adult adoption papers for Christmas.

Hard-up College Girl Spends Last Dollars To Surprise Dad In Hospital 5000 Miles Away

A hard-up college girl spent the last dollars to her name to travel 5000 miles and visit her dad in hospital - before people moved by her story online helped cover her flight home and rent.

Son Discovers Late Fathers Unrecorded Guitar Songs During House Clearing And Decides To Record...

A loving son begun recording songs written by his late father after he discovered a hidden trove of original tunes while cleaning out his house.

Girl, 5, Shows Off Her Soldier Dad’s Voice In Teddy During Show And Tell...

A girl couldn’t contain her excitement as she showed off her solider dad’s voice in a teddy during show and tell, only for him to suddenly appear in her classroom.

Daughter Donates Her Liver To Save Fathers Life, Then They Emotionally Reunite At Each...

The emotional moment a daughter reunited with her father whose life she had just saved by donating part of her liver has been captured on film.

Incredible Acrobatic Mom-To-Be Performs Amazing Yoga Moves While 38 Weeks Pregnant

These incredible AcroYoga moves are hard enough to perfect at the best of times.

Military Dad Surprises Daughter At Her Beauty And The Beast Themed Homecoming

A dad surprised his daughter after he returned home from deployment by dressing up in Beauty and the Beast costume to dance with her - before pulling off the mask and revealing his face.

Kids Embrace Emergency-Worker Father As He Returns From 100 Days On Frontlines Of COVID...

A pair of loving siblings ran the length of a field screaming in delight when they realized that their EMS-worker father, who they had not seen for more than 100 days, was standing at the other end.

Father Serenades Twins To Sleep With Lullaby As One Sleeps On Top Of His...

A dad has found the perfect way to get his adorable twins off to sleep - resting them on his guitar and playing a lullaby.