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Late Dad Surprises Son With Gaming Setup From Heaven That Has Their Picture on It

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A five-year-old boy was given a beautiful surprise when his late father surprised him with a gaming setup “from heaven” that had their picture on it.


Dad Kevin Jackson died of an asthma attack two months after he’d married his wife, Kimberly Thornton, 41, who was seven months pregnant with their son, also named Kevin, at the time.

The couple also had three older children together, aged between 23 and 19, but due to the age gap between them and Kevin, Kimberly, from Decatur, Georgia, has always wanted to make sure the five-year-old didn’t miss out on the big presents his father was renowned for.

Every Christmas and birthday, Kimberley would surprise Kevin – known as KD – with a big surprise from his father.

Ahead of Christmas 2022, that surprise happened to be a Playstation 5, which Kimberley personalized to also feature an artwork of Kevin and his dad.

On Christmas Day, Kevin opened the door to his unlit room.


Then, when the lights were turned on and the five-year-old caught a glimpse of his dad’s loving gift, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

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Kimberly said: “When Christmas came around, my husband always brought the big gifts, so I wanted to make sure that KD didn’t miss out on the things that their dad did for the other kids.

“This is something I’ve done for every birthday and every Christmas.


“I don’t know what I’m going to do until it’s time to do it.

“The reason I do this is to let KD know that his daddy really loves him, even after death.”

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