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Cancer-Suffering Veteran and Wife Apart for the Longest Time Since Vietnam War After Contracting...

A cancer-suffering veteran and his wife had not been apart since the Vietnam War. but after COVID-19 struck, the pair were unable to see each other in person while bobbie, 79, underwent treatment in hospital. The separation was devastating for the besotted pair, so when they finally got to reunite the moment was all the sweeter.
golf cart surprise

Teenager With Down Syndrome Screams With Joy When He’s Surprised With Golf Cart That...

A boy with Down syndrome could not hold back his tears as he was surprised with a golf cart so he could take up driving just like his triplet siblings. Tyler Hayes, 16, has never let his condition hold him back, but when his siblings Ryan and Rachel turned 16, too, they were able to obtain their drivers licenses and start to drive. So come Christmas, his family lined up the special surprise for him.
hospital return surprise

Elderly Grandfather Goes Viral as He Returns From Hospital Stay to Surprise Wife of...

A husband of 66 years brought tears to the eyes of his family as he returned from a hospital stay to surprise his emotional wife. Vincent O'Brien, 89, and his wife, Mary, 90, had never been apart during the holidays in their more than six-decade romance. But at the end of last year, on December 15, Vincent was taken into Mater Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, due to complications from gallstones. So once released, he set about surprising his wife.
teen surprised with dream car

Humble Teen Can’t Stop Thanking Parents When He Spots Dream Car in Parking Lot...

A humble teenager was left stunned when he spotted his dream car in a parking lot - only to be handed a set of keys which suddenly opened the door as a surprise gift. Zach Werner, 15, from Chandler, Arizona, had dreamed of owning a Tacoma as his first car, telling parents Nate and Stacy how he wanted to add bigger wheels and an impressive stereo system. But for the months leading up to his big surprise, Zach was told the vehicles - even used - were pricey and difficult to get ahold of. But on Christmas day that all changed.
Girl wrapped in present surprises her father

Girl Wrapped In Present Jumps Out To Surprise Dad After 3 Years Apart

A beloved father let out a huge scream and burst into happy tears, as he opened a gift box to discover his daughter, who he had not seen in three years. His daughter, Stephanie, 21, had moved to Florida to pursue higher education three years prior, and during that time she had not been able to return home to visit her family. But approaching the box in his home town of Lima, Peru, Cesar Rodriguez Torres, 49, had no idea what to expect - least of all his daughter home to surprise him.
A stepdad cries as he is surprised with adoption papers

Stepdad’s Tears Flow As He Reads Loving Adult Adoption Surprise Letter

A beloved stepdad can’t fight back his tears as he reads out a note from his stepson containing a loving adult adoption request.
wife surprises husband from behind

Wife Surprises Husband Of 60 Years After They Had Been Apart Due To Lengthy...

A wife surprised her husband of 60 years with a surprise reunion after a lengthy hospital stay.
Marine surprising his mom

Military Mom Surprised By Marine Son As She Unwraps His Present To Her

A military mom screamed in shock and almost fainted, as she opened a gift to discover a U.S. Marine Corps hat, which she suddenly realized could only mean one thing.

Uncle Pretending To Be Santa On Phone Call To Nephew Cries As He Asks...

An uncle fought tears as he pretended to be Santa on a call to his nephew as the boy asked as his only present to be reuniting with his uncle.

Stepfather Surprises 19-Year-Old With Adult Adoption Papers For Christmas

A loving stepdad who has looked after his stepdaughter for the majority of her life fought back the tears as he surprised her with adult adoption papers for Christmas.