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Young Author’s Dream Comes True When His Mom Secretly Publishes His Book and Surprises Him With It

A 10-year-old aspiring author received the gift of a lifetime when his mom surprised him with his very own published children’s book.


Landyn Ford, from Philadelphia, penned the adorable story about a hockey-playing dog called “Bailey’s Special Stick.”

He had hoped to publish it, but after a friend who was set to illustrate it pulled out, he abandoned the idea.

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But unbeknown to him, his mom Stacy secretly had the book illustrated and published, transforming Landyn’s dream into a delightful reality.

On Christmas morning, his mom captured the moment he was surprised with the finished book.


Presenting Landyn with his first present, his mom says, “It’s a gift you didn’t ask for.”

As a confused Landyn unwraps his present, his eyes widen in disbelief as he recognizes his own creation staring back at him.

@rykerford Landyn Ford, age 10, author of "Bailey's Special Stick" available on Amazon. Surprise Christmas reveal. #surprise #childrensbookauthor #baileysspecialstick #hockey #dogsplayinghockey #youngauthor ♬ original sound – rykerford10110

Clasping his hand to his mouth in shock, he just sits there in astonishment before tears of joy well up in his eyes and his mom proudly announces, “You’re a published author! It’s on Amazon. You’ve sold over 120 copies.”

The video has garnered over 2 million views on TikTok and sent the book skyrocketing up the Amazon book charts, as well as igniting a wave of online support for the young author.


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Commenters expressed their admiration and showered Landyn with encouragement, with many pledging to purchase copies of “Bailey’s Special Stick.”

One viewer, a first-grade teacher, declared her intention to share the book with her class and add it to her classroom library.

Another user summed up the sentiment perfectly, stating, “Going to buy my copy now because I will always support a kid in his dreams.”

His mom Stacy said in a social media post: “I think my favorite part of this project with Landyn has been all the amazing support we have received.


“Support from friends, family, and even complete strangers!”

You can check our Landyn’s creation on Amazon.

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