A husband couldn’t fight back the tears when his wife surprised him with a teddy bear containing his late brother’s voice.

Jesus E Davila’s delivery driver brother, also called Jesus, was tragically killed in a hit-and-run incident.

In a bid to give her husband a focal point for his grief, wife Desteny Rivera engineered it so that she was his secret Santa.

As the family unwrapped their surprise gifts, Jesus had no idea of what laid in store.

Carefully prizing open his gift, a slightly bemused Jesus looks at the teddy bear before pressing its paw.


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And as he hears the words of his late brother say, “Crazy dude!”, Jesus immediately drops to his knees sobbing.

Desteny said: “I waited until the end of our secret Santa so it would be extra special. After the video, my husband was very grateful, and couldn’t stop showing his teddy bear to everyone.

“I gifted him the teddy bear because his brother was very special to him.


“Sadly my brother-in-law was going through a divorce, but wasn’t able to finalize anything before is accident, so his wife cremated his body and kept him. It means my husband doesn’t have anywhere to go visit his brother. So this teddy made him feel closer to his brother.”

Story via T&T Creative Media