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Family Secretly Pools Money, Gifts Grandma New Car

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A family played a beautiful prank on their tearful grandma, exchanging Christmas gifts they had secretly taken from her home before revealing that they had pooled their money to buy her a new car.


Donna Quesenberry, 64, from Lake City, Florida, was the only member of her family who did not have a newer vehicle, her granddaughter, Crystal, said, opting to persist with a “banged-up,” “rough”  car that wasn’t reliable.

Given that Donna used her car to drive her great-grandchildren around, the family decided to surprise her with a more reliable model.

Ahead of Christmas 2023, Crystal had seen several prank videos on TikTok, where family members exchange gifts that have been taken from their grandparents’ home, waiting to see their reactions.

Crystal and the family decided to weave this approach into their big surprise for Donna, swapping gifts from her home before breaking the news that there was one more big gift to follow.

On December 23, at Crystal’s mom’s home, family members gathered and began swapping items from Donna’s home.


As the 64-year-old’s pressure cooker, handbag, candle, and other recognizable items started unwrapping, Donna eventually clicked what was happening, laughing at the successful prank.

But there was one more surprise, the family said.

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For the final gift, those in on the surprise – Daniel (Donna’s son), David Jr. (son), Donald (son), Dustin (son), Kandas (granddaughter), Crystal (granddaughter), Erin (granddaughter), Glorianna (daughter-in-law) – presented Donna with a small box.


Inside was a note and the keys to Donna’s new vehicle, a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium.

As soon as the realization hit, a stunned Donna was encouraged to head outside, where she fought back tears as she set eyes on her new SUV.

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Crystal, who captured the moment on video, said: “I planned the whole thing, and I knew I wanted it to be funny and take her on a roller coaster of emotions for the grandest surprise.

“We pulled the prank off because she was gullible – until she noticed her candle.


“Everyone was in tears as we watched her get emotional because we all know how deserving she is.

“Those who have seen the video loved the idea and got emotional.”

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