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Teen Who Wanted a VW Beetle Since Driving Barbie Around in One as a Child Gets Surprised With One

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A teen who dreamed of owning a Volkswagen Beetle since she was a few years old fell to the ground sobbing in shock when her garage door opened and she was surprised with her dream car.


Brianna Palmer, 16, from Jonesboro, Arkansas, can trace her love of VW Beetles back to when she had a toy version of the vehicle for her Barbie dolls to drive around in.

Every time Brianna would see a Beetle on the road her eyes would light up, her family said – and when she became old enough to drive, she started mentioning one day having a Beetle of her own.

Initially, Brianna’s parents couldn’t afford a new Beetle, and good used ones were hard to find, her mom, Amy Michael, 43, said.

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But after Brianna had an accident in her first car, she took some time off driving, which gave Amy and her husband, Keith, 52, time to search for a Beetle once more.


Having found one online, Amy and Keith secretly drove it to their family home one night while Brianna was staying at her older brother’s house.

When Brianna returned home, on December 30, she was asked to stand outside her garage door, while Amy and Keith waited inside.

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As the door rose, Brianna set eyes on her white Beetle, which had a red bow wrapped around it.


The shocked 16-year-old immediately fell to the ground and started sobbing joyous tears.

Amy said: “My son said he’d bring Brianna to the house, so I asked him to park in front of the shop and cover Brianna’s eyes.

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“Seeing my baby jumping for joy for a car she’s loved almost her whole life made my heart so happy.

“She was crying, I was crying – all tears of joy.


“I was so proud to be able to get her the car that she’s always dreamed of – nothing else mattered at that exact moment except her beautiful smile.”

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