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Woman Reunites With Long-Lost Brother After a Decade-Long Search

An adopted woman was brought to tears as she hugged her biological brother for the first time, who she had lost all hope of ever finding.
Baby with down syndrome meets brother

Toddler With Down Syndrome Showers Newborn Baby Brother With Kisses in Adorable Video

A boy with Down syndrome could not hide his delight as he got to hold his newborn brother in his arms for the first time.

8-Year-Old Girl’s Jaw Drops When Navy Brother Surprises Her in School

Eight-year-old Layla Wisbracht's jaw dropped when her Navy brother, Brayden Quinlisk, walked into her school classroom after six months apart. Brayden had been away at bootcamp and school, and Layla had been counting down the days until he returned. When he finally surprised her, she ran to give him a big hug.

Soldier Fights Back Tears as He Meets Niece for the First Time After Missing...

A soldier who was devastated to miss the birth of his twin sister's first child was finally able to hold her for the first time after completing basic training.

Sister’s Bad Day Turns Into Happy Surprise When Military Brother Returns Home

When Angelina was having a bad day after losing her track meet, she had no idea that a huge surprise lay in store for her. Secretly her military brother Arron had returned from deployment and was about to surprise her - with the heartwarming moment caught on camera.

Here Comes the… Tears! Bride’s Emotional Little Brother Cries Uncontrollably Throughout Big Sis’ Wedding...

A little brother couldn't hold back the tears on his big sister's wedding day, crying uncontrollably throughout all the major milestones of the day. His emotional reaction has gone viral, touching hearts all over the world.

Bride Brought to Tears By Voice Note From Late Father Aired During First Dance

A brother surprised his sister on her wedding day by playing a message from their late father during her first dance song.

Nine-year-old Goes Viral After Opening Car Door to Discover His Brother Who Lives in...

A nine-year-old boy was given a wholesome surprise when he opened the back door of his dad’s car to discover his brother, who he had not seen in half a year.

Man Reunited With Sister He Hasn’t Seen In 25 Years

A dad who moved to the United States cried happy tears when he removed a blindfold and was surprised by his beloved sister, who he had not seen in 25 years.

Sister Helps Brother Who Is Blind Experience Water Slide For First Time

A loving sister helps her older brother who is blind experience a waterslide for the very first time by finding ways to “be his eyes” to overcome his fears.
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