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Boy Has Wholesome Reunion With Sisters After Undergoing Brain Surgery

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This is the beautiful moment two sisters beam with delight as they are given a surprise reunion with their baby brother, who had just undergone brain surgery.


Kenzo Iwazaki Hirata, aged three, who has Down syndrome, suffered a stroke at the end of last year, which doctors discovered was caused by a condition called Moyamoya.

Moyamoya – meaning “puff of smoke” in Japanese – is a rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.

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As a result, Kenzo needed revascularization surgery, which required his mom Renata and dad, Rafael, to travel more than 600 miles from their home in Toledo, Brazil, to Sao Paolo.

During Kenzo’s surgery, his sisters – Ayumi, 11, and Yuna, seven – were extremely nervous, and during the seven-hour surgery, they couldn’t wait to see their brother again.


Having been given the news Kenzo’s surgery was a success, they were then told he would be taken to the intensive care unit, which meant Ayumi and Yuna still could not visit their brother.

But as the siblings continued to wait anxiously, Rafael was told the news that he could visit his son – and so he and Renata decided to plan a surprise for the girls, too.

On October 28, with Ayumi and Yuna waiting at the ICU entrance as their father went inside, a nurse then informed Rafael that he could take Kenzo to the girls.

Carrying his three-year-old son – and with Renata recording the moment – Rafael walked up to the glass, which immediately caused Ayumi and Yuna to light up with joy.


Renata said: “I was very emotional recording the video – I didn’t know whether to record or cry seeing their emotion.

“Seeing them meet again was a mixture of feelings because I was apprehensive about the surgery, after all, and it was a seven-hour wait.

“We knew it was a complex surgery with several risks.

“Their meeting eased some of the tension and also warmed the heart to see the love between them.

“For us, the parents, this is gratifying.”


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