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Girl Struggling With Anxiety Surprised With Puppy On Birthday

A birthday girl who has been struggling with anxiety couldn’t hold back her happy tears when her family revealed she was set to get a little puppy she has always dreamed of.

Daughter Who Beat Cancer Finally Able To Reunite With Blind Father On His 80th...

This is the emotional moment a father who is blind was brought to tears on his 80th birthday as he is surprised by his daughter after she beat cancer and who...

Neighbors Surprise Boy With Sidewalk Messages on Birthday

A boy celebrating his seventh birthday was given a wholesome surprise as he walked down the street to discover his neighbors had written well-wishes on the sidewalk. 

Dinosaur Loving Boy Surprised With Realistic T-Rex At 3rd Birthday Party

A dinosaur-loving three-year-old froze in shock when his parents walked a "real-life" T-Rex towards him into his birthday party.

Hard-Working Kid Has Wholesome Reaction To Xbox Birthday Surprise

A hard-working nine-year-old had a wholesome and tear-filled reaction when his parents surprised him with an Xbox – a gift that was two years in the making after he focused hard on his studies.

Devoted Grandpa Surprises Sister After Half A Decade Apart With Help From Granddaughters

A beloved grandpa brought his sister to tears when he drove cross-country to surprise her after five years apart.

Dad Aged 70 Leaps Fence To Reunite With Military Son After Two Years Apart

A 70-year-old dad leaps over a porch fence like it was nothing and heads straight into the arms of his military son who surprised him with a birthday visit after two years apart.

Boyfriend Surprises Childhood Sweetheart With New Car On Birthday… But There’s A Surprise In...

A boyfriend left his childhood sweetheart in shock with a secret birthday party and car with a surprise marriage proposal hidden in the trunk.

Siblings Surprise Mom On Birthday By Paying Off Her Mortgage

Four siblings brought their mother to tears on her 66th birthday when they surprised her by paying off the rest of her mortgage.

Great-Grandfather Surprised On 100th Birthday By Sister Aged 98 He Hasn’t Seen In Two...

A great-grandfather couldn’t hold back the tears on his 100th birthday thanks to a surprise visit from his 98-year-old sister he hadn’t seen for more than two years.