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Woman With Down Syndrome Lights up When Entire Plane Sings Happy Birthday to Her

A woman with Down Syndrome beamed with delight when everyone on her flight joined in to sing Happy Birthday to her.

Surprise Party in Bulk: Dad Celebrates 40th Birthday at Beloved Costco

A dad who loves his regular trips to Costco was given an incredible 40th birthday surprise when friends and family deliberately "bumped into him" as he made his way around the aisles.

Woman With Down Syndrome and Dementia Lights Up When Family Member Dresses as Her...

A woman with Down Syndrome and dementia who loves Hulk Hogan was surprised when a family member dressed up as the famous wrestler to greet her on her 60th birthday.

Siblings Surprise Sister With Over-the-Top Cruise Announcement for Birthday

A woman was left stunned when her family performed a choreographed song and dance routine to reveal a surprise cruise for her 40th birthday.

Teen Asked to Make a Wish and Blow Horn Surprised With New Car

A teen was left amazed when she was told to make a wish and blow an air horn, which saw her get surprised with her first car.

Mom Diagnosed with Cancer During Pregnancy Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday Cancer-Free

A mom diagnosed with cancer and give just six months to live during pregnancy has beat the odds to be cancer-free on her daughter's 1st birthday.

Tearful Dad Gives Heartfelt Speech to Daughter Thanking Her for Lending Her Birthday Money...

A dad has gone viral after he filmed the moment he delivered a heartfelt speech to his daughter, who had lent the family her birthday money in a time of need.

Dad in Tears as Daughters Surprise Him for 80th Birthday During Video Message

A dad who thought he was watching a video message from his two daughters because they live on the other side of the country and could not attend his 80th birthday...

Family Surprises Wheelchair-Bound Mom With New Van for Birthday

Annette Rivers, 63, had been in need of a new van for some time, as her old one was no longer able to accommodate her wheelchair. Her family surprised her with a new one on her birthday, leaving Annette speechless.

Grandma’s Wish For “Eye Candy” on 92nd Birthday Comes True When Firefighters Surprise Her

A 92-year-old grandma who had joked that she would have liked some "eye candy" for her birthday was surprised by a group of firefighters who came to her house to wish her a happy birthday. The firefighters' visit made the grandma's day and she was so happy that she couldn't even eat her favorite meal.
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