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Teen Asked to Make a Wish and Blow Horn Surprised With New Car

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A teenage girl could not believe her eyes when her parents encouraged her to make a wish and blow an air horn, which then saw her get surprised with her first car.


16-year-old Nickole, from Richmond, Virginia, had been working extremely hard over the past year, her family said, and so they wanted to plan a big surprise for her milestone Sweet 16th birthday.

Nickole had been doing well in school and had learned the value of money and hard work by helping out with her father’s construction business.

Opting against a lavish party, Nickole’s family instead decided to put their money towards a car – a 2019 JEEP Compass – which they kept a secret from their daughter.

Nickole knew that she was not having a party because of the costs involved, but when she returned home from church on Sunday, January 7, her mom and dad encouraged her to stand outside their Richmond, Virginia, home. They sang Happy Birthday in Brazilian Portuguese before presenting her with a small paper bag there.

Inside was an airhorn and box with a clear message: “MAKE A WISH AND BLOW THE HORN!”


Following the instructions Nickole closed her eyes and pressed the horn, looking around to see what might be coming next.

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Then, as she turned around, the 16-year-old saw a series of flashing lights and, coming up the road, her new vehicle being driven on the back of a flatbed truck.

As soon as Nickole realized what was coming, her jaw immediately dropped.


The 16-year-old was speechless as her family screamed and encouraged her to approach her first car.

Nicole’s father, Wexley, said: “We couldn’t hold back the tears when we saw her reaction.

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“Her reaction was priceless, and we cried many times while watching the video over and over.

“At that moment, we felt so grateful and proud of the person she was becoming.


“She knows how hard we work to achieve our goals and recognizes that is hard to see these days.

“I hope the parents can get closer to their kids and not just buy them what they want, but show them how hard it is to get something – not punishing, teaching.”

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