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Tearful Dad Gives Heartfelt Speech to Daughter Thanking Her for Lending Her Birthday Money in Family’s Time of Need

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A dad has gone viral after he filmed the moment he delivered a heartfelt speech to his daughter, who had lent the family her birthday money in a time of need.


Eight-year-old Keyonalis agreed to donate her $100 birthday money so her family could use it at a time when they only had $3 in the bank.

Dad Keno was in the process of moving his family from Massachusetts to Georgia in search of better opportunities when he had to make the heart-wrenching request.

But with better times arriving for the family, Keno was in a position to repay his daughter.

The emotional video shows the moment he thanked her from the bottom of his heart before giving her a $100 bill. They then emotionally embraced and thanked each other for their support.

Keno, from Atlanta, Georgia, said: “Our kids literally watched us sell everything including their kid’s swing set.


“It took all I had to ask my daughter for her birthday money, but it was a last resort.

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“When I asked for it, Keyonalis had no problem giving it to me, as she wanted to help out the family.

“The money came at a time when we needed it the most. I believe we only had $3 in the bank account at the time. All of our money was invested into our business.”


Keno added: “We decided to record and share the moment we repaid our daughter for her kindness as it would be something positive to share with the world and to document our journey as a family.

“Both her mom and I are extremely proud of our daughter.” 

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