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Woman With Down Syndrome Lights up When Entire Plane Sings Happy Birthday to Her

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A woman with Down Syndrome beamed with delight when everyone on her flight joined in to sing Happy Birthday to her.


24-year-old Grace Reber, from Oklahoma, was flying to California to be part of a conference that celebrates moms of individuals with Down Syndrome and special needs.

Grace has never let her condition define her, her mom, Bonnie Reber, said, as she runs her own business, GracePlace Art, which has a popular Instagram page.

Though Grace was set to have a vending booth at the conference, Bonnie said she felt bad about making her daughter fly on her birthday and wanted to make things special so Grace could celebrate all day long.

After she and Grace boarded the plane, Bonnie told Southwest Airlines flight attendants that it was her daughter’s birthday, hoping they would give her a little attention on the flight.

What followed, though, exceeded even Bonnie’s expectations, as the crew took it upon themselves to ask those on the plane if they could sing Happy Birthday to Grace.


Everyone on board was happy to oblige – even turning on their overhead lights to appear as if there were tens of makeshift candles.

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As everyone started singing, proud Bonnie recorded her daughter’s reaction, with Grace beaming from ear to ear.

Bonnie later shared the video on her daughter’s social media pages, where it received a loving response and was even requested by Southwest to share, Bonnie said.


On Grace’s Instagram page, she and Bonnie hope to share Grace and her business, new things she’s working on, organizations she’s supporting, and new art techniques she’s learning.

Bonnie said of the birthday surprise: “Everyone was so kind and truly made Grace’s birthday one we’ll never forget.

“It’s hard to find the words for how happy I was to see the joy on Grace’s face as the whole plane sang Happy Birthday to her.

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“If you know Grace, then she’s dreaming of her birthday all year.


“She loves her birthday.

“Being the center of attention, getting gifts, getting to call the shots and doing what she wants all day: it’s her absolute favorite.

“Needless to say, this moment couldn’t have been more perfect for her.

“As a mom, that’s all you ever want, is for your children to feel happy, loved, and supported.

“So, naturally, I was fighting back my own tears alongside Grace.”

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