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Moms Plan Surprise Reunion for Kids Who Were Best Friend Neighbors Before Cross-City Move

A six-year-old cried tears of joy when she had a surprise reunion with her best friend who had spent nearly half her life living across the street from her – adorably after just five weeks apart.

Cruise Pals Meet Again Thanks to Parents’ Epic Surprise

Two boys who met on a family cruise were epically reunited by their scheming parents for one of their birthday's.

Seat Offer Leads to Surprise Reunion After 30 Years

In a heartwarming twist, a woman's act of kindness to a 'stranger' turned into a surprise as her best friend of three decades reunited with her.

Eighth Grader Melts Hearts Reuniting With Best Friend After State Migration

A boy could not hold back his happy tears when he opened the front door to discover his best friend, who had moved states.
The boys share a hug

Best Friends Reunited After School Move Share Emotional Hug

Zane and Zion, two four-year-old best friends from Phoenix, Arizona, were separated when they were moved into the schooling system. After six or seven weeks apart, their moms planned a surprise playdate at a trampoline park, and the boys' emotional reunion was captured on video and went viral.

Doggy Best Friends Reunited After Months Apart

Two best friend dogs adorably reunited after being separated for months during COVID-19 restrictions.

Childhood Best Friends Fight Back Tears as They Reunite Following Cross-Country Move

A pair of childhood best friends were brought to floods of happy tears when they finally reunited by surprise two and a half years after one family moved across the country.

Childhood Bestie Since Second Grade Whose Family Moved State When Pair Were 11 Surprised...

A childhood bestie whose family moved state when the pair were 11 was surprised by her friend in a now viral video.

Survey Reveals What 69% Of People Would Find Hardest To Live Without For A...

A survey on our Happily YouTube channel, attracting more than 14,000 responses, revealed that, besides essentials such as food and water, 69% of people would struggle without this one thing.

Woman Surprised In Hospital By Best Friend During Endometriosis Battle Returns Favor To Surprise...

A woman whose friend traveled thousands of miles to help her through a debilitating illness decided to return the favor once COVID restrictions had been lifted, jetting to see her after months apart to surprise her for her 30th birthday.
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