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Eighth Grader Melts Hearts Reuniting With Best Friend After State Migration

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An eight-year-old boy could not hold back his happy tears when he opened the front door of his family home to discover his “brother” best friend, who had previously moved states but returned to surprise him.


As soon as Coleman saw the familiar face of Grayson Kauffman, 10, who he considers to be like an older brother to him, he immediately welled up and went in for a much-needed hug.

The pair were previously “inseparable,” their parents said, as Grayson’s mom Kourtney and Coleman’s mom Jess were best friends when they both lived in the same town of Hanover, Pennsylvania.

When Kourtney moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in the summer, though, the move was tough on Coleman and Grayson.

Later in the year, Kourtney and Grayson were set to return to Pennsylvania on the anniversary of her father’s passing, and so Kourtney decided to reach out to Jess to help set up a surprise for Coleman.

On November 23, Grayson walked towards his friend’s home, with his mother ready to capture the big surprise on video.


That footage went viral when Kourtney posted it on TikTok, where viewers spoke of how Grayson and Coleman’s bond had brightened their day.

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Kourtney, who herself was crying behind the camera, said: “I instantly started crying. We all did.

“It hit us all right in the heart.


“I was expecting them to be excited, but seeing that reaction, it’s quite obvious they are truly brothers.

“I figured we would get maybe a couple hundred likes; however, I never could’ve guessed how it would blow up.

“I think right now there is a lot of negativity in this world – especially on social media – and the fact you can scroll through the comments and not find one single negative comment is pretty incredible.

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“It’s a quick sixty-second video that just brings happiness to your heart.


“I’m glad my son and his best friend could be that happiness for people.”

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