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Childhood Bestie Since Second Grade Whose Family Moved State When Pair Were 11 Surprised by Friend in Viral Video

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A childhood bestie whose family moved state when the pair were 11 was surprised by her friend in a now viral video.

Lauren Robinson and friend Rachael, both now 31, were best friends since second grade and inseparable – until Lauren’s family moved to a different state, leaving the pair devastated.

However, the young pals were determined to keep in touch, and would write each other letters, call each other on the phone and plan trips to surprise one another.

In March 2023, Lauren arrived at a Dallas, Texas, restaurant with her husband Keenan and their family, to discover Rachael and her family already there waiting for her to arrive.

As Lauren spots her bestie, she immediately let out an excited scream before the friends of 24 years go in for an emotional hug.


Ahead of the surprise, Lauren and her husband had planned with Keenan without Lauren knowing.

Lauren said: “Rachael and I became friends in second grade when we were seven years old – we were the type of best friends who belly laughed every moment we were together.

“We developed a reputation at our school where every year, the teachers made sure we weren’t in the same class because no matter what, we would find each other and talk and laugh and be silly.

Lauren can’t believe her eyes when she sees her childhood bestie Rachel. ©T&T Creative Media
The pair hug after 20 years. ©T&T Creative Media
The pair playing together when they were kids. ©T&T Creative Media

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“I can’t tell you how many calls my parents received of me getting in trouble at school with Rachael because we talked too much in class.

“When I was 11, my family moved across the country to Texas but even though we lived far away, Rachael and I always kept in contact.

“To this day, she is the person who knows me the most and can get me to laugh like no one else.

“After the reunion, we spent the weekend hanging out together and laughing like we were seven years old again.

“If you have a best friend like this, cherish them – always be quick to forgive and to show grace as friendships like this take work but are so worth it.”



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