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Horse Loving Couple Use Sliding Performance For One-of-a-kind Viral Gender Reveal

A couple drafted in the help of a four-legged friend when it came to their one-of-a-kind gender reveal - using a sliding performance horse to let the world know the sex of their baby.

Kindhearted Friends Stop Car To Rescue Trapped Moose Calf

A kindhearted pair rescued a moose calf trapped in barbed wire at the side of a road while its grateful mother watched on.
Otter toy

Playful Otter Mimics Stuffed Toy Of Itself While Youngster Moves It Around On Aquarium...

This is the adorable moment an otter began playing with a toy of itself while the child moved the stuffed animal around on the aquarium glass.
Tyler reunited with the pup he rescued from Syria

U.S. Soldier Adopts Syrian Puppy He Rescued While On Deployment

An abandoned puppy from Syria has been given a second chance at life after it was rescued and adopted by a U.S. soldier who discovered the dog while on deployment.

Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain After Being Hit By Car

This is the moment an adorable kitten trapped in a storm drain was rescued by a kind-hearted savior. Ed Smith, an Animal Control Officer at the Humane Society of Carroll County in...

Toddler Plays Peekaboo With Penguin At Zoo

This is the adorable moment a toddler plays a hilarious game of peekaboo with a penguin. Little Jersey, aged three, was at Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada, when the penguin took a shine to...

Crazy Duck Doesn’t Like Hooman Swimming In His Lake

A family fall about in hysterics as a boy is chased around a lake by a very territorial duck pecking at his feet. Monica Tindall filmed her son Grant Taylor, 14, as...

Fish Offer Sea Creatures Swim-Thru Cleaning Service

 These bright yellow fish offer sea turtles a swim-thru valet service - congregating to help clean the dirt from their shells. The school of both yellow tangs and yellow-eyed kole tangs group...

This Puppy Was Drowning In A Filthy Drainage Ditch, But Then These Heroes Came...

A tiny puppy has been saved from drowning - after slipping into a filthy drain by a roadside. The poor pup was spotted by passersby yelping and cowering in the drainage ditch...

Buddy By Name…Not By Nature! Jealous Dog Won’t Let Other Dog Get Petted

 This jealous dog won’t let anyone else get any attention - even using its paw to pull his owner’s hand away from their other dogs and back to petting him. Adorable Jug...