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Woman Rescues Tiny Rodent Trapped in Kiddie Pool

A tiny rodent trapped in a kiddie pool was about to drown until a woman came to its rescue just in time. Megan Vonfeldt from Edmond, Oklahoma, had just returned from walking...

Roommates Help Guide Family of Ducks Trapped in Parking Lot to Safety in Viral...

A pair of roommates have gone viral after carefully guiding a family of ducks back to their home in a nearby river.

Heroic Animal Control Officer Saves Kitten From Storm Drain

This is the moment an adorable kitten trapped in a storm drain was rescued by a kind-hearted savior.
Family rescues trapped chipmunk stuck under boulder.

Chipmunk Freed From Boulder After Family Hears Its Cries for Help

A family on a camping trip in Pine Valley, Utah, rescued a chipmunk trapped under a boulder after hearing its cries for help. Movie producer Dan Fowlks and his family used an RV jack to pry the rock up enough so the chipmunk could escape. The video of the act of kindness has since gone viral, with people all over the world praising the family for their compassion.
dove drone rescue

Videographer Sacrifices $1,600 Drone to Save Dove Trapped in Fishing Wire

A videographer in New York sacrificed his $1,600 drone to rescue a dove trapped in fishing wire. Devin Groody was on a photoshoot when he saw the bird, which was hanging upside down from a tree branch. He used his drone to knock the bird loose, but the drone was damaged in the process. Groody said he was happy to help the dove, even if it meant losing his drone.

Sea Lion Freed From Tire by Quick-Thinking Rescuers

A group of quick-thinking rescuers used a makeshift tool to free a sea lion that had gotten its head stuck inside a tire while swimming.

Kind Passerby Frees Squirrel from Discarded Net

A caring passerby rescued a squirrel trapped in a discarded net, who would have surely been the preyed upon by predators if he didn't help.

Two Owls Trapped In Chimney Rescued And Released – With Female Going On To...

Two owls who became trapped in a chimney stack were rescued and released, with the female going on to successfully lay her first egg a week later.

Mom’s Devastation Turns to Joy When Son Surprises Her With New Puppy

A mother was left devastated when she called a dog breeder to discover the puppy she wanted had been sold - only for her loving son to later surprise her with it.

Adorable Moment a Whale Played Peek-a-Boo With a Baby Is Caught on Camera

This is the adorable moment a baby played a game of peek-a-boo with a whale.
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