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Puppy With 2 Broken Legs Shows the World What It Means to Never Give...

An 11-week-old puppy has refused to give up on life - despite being born with two complex fractures in her front legs.

Dog Rescues Tiny Kitten From Rain, Brings It Home

A loving dog named Hazel showed her motherly instinct when she rescued a tiny kitten from the rain. Hazel brought the kitten home and took care of it, with the two quickly becoming best friends.

Two Dogs Abandoned in Park With Help Note and Food Bowls Given New Leash...

Two dogs abandoned in a park with just two bowls of food and a note asking for help have been given a new leash of life after being rescued by a passerby.
Excitable dog awaits her friend

Excitable Dog Is Unable To Contain Excitement As Elevator Arrives With Her “Best Friend”...

A dog’s adorable weekly routine with her human “best friend” has gone viral thanks to a video of her unable to contain her excitement as she waits for the elevator to arrive.

Viral Video Sees Crafty Fox Steal Woman’s iPhone While She’s Filming Her Yoga Routine

A video of a crafty fox has gone viral after he snuck up on a woman who was filming her yoga routine and ran off with her iPhone.
Olive Ridley turtle being released back into water

Scientists Rescue Injured Olive Ridley Turtle In Maldives Before Nursing Her Back To Full...

An Olive Ridley turtle with a badly damaged front-right flipper was plucked from the ocean by a group of scientists and taken to a rehabilitation centre where she was nursed back to health and released.

Cat Yells No At Owner Trying To Bathe Him

It’s common knowledge that domestic cats hate water. But one moggie has taken things a step further - seemingly saying ‘No’ to his owners bathe him.

Man Proposes to Girlfriend With Help of Sloth

A creative boyfriend called on a helping paw from a sloth has he decided to pop the question to his future wife.

A Cat Who Had Her Tail Bitten by a Rhino Has Struck Up an...

A cat who had her tail bitten off by a rhino hasn’t let that stop her from befriending another of the majestic animals.

Girl Brought To Tears As Her Beloved Cat Is Returned After Disappearing For Almost...

A young girl was brought to tears after being reunited with her beloved cat who had been missing for almost an entire year.
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